Auditions Announced for Staged Reading of SAVING CINDERELLA at TheatreLab Dayton

TLD_logoSAVING CINDERELLA (Ages 16 and up)

Cinderella must abandon old insecurities and rise up to save herself and her country in this spirited poverty-fighting sequel to the famous fable.

Becoming a princess is far from a dream come true as Cinderella’s innocent eyes are opened to the cruel intrigues of courtly life. The Prince stands aloof – convinced he’s already saved her – and pressure mounts as the Princess cannot even command her own servants. Everyone thinks they know what the help should look like, but they couldn’t be further from lifting up Cinderella. Feeble and faint, she falls from grace and returns to the ashes.

When Cinderella abandons the crown, the vacuum is soon filled by a new nemesis – an avaricious Advisor. Will the Prince be convinced to sign away power, or will Cinderella stop the deadly chain of events? Bolstered by friends, in the end she must choose – will she listen to the lies or will she hear the truth? Will she finally see “It’s Time To Get Up?” She’d better act quick – before time runs out!
Kingdoms and kindly words just aren’t enough when you’re SAVING CINDERELLA.

Audition dates: October 9th from 3-6pm

Staged Reading Rehearsals: October 31st- November 11th
Staged Reading Performance Date: November 12th
Directed by Angie Thacker
Music Directed by Brennan Paulin

(Roles will be diversely and color-consciously cast – actors of all races, ethnicities, body types, gender identities, and abilities are encouraged to audition.)

The following roles have been precast:

  • CINDERELLA: Kind and generous, acquiescent to a fault. After the trauma of living under her cruel Stepmother and Stepsisters, she struggles to rise up and find her voice even as she becomes a princess. Soprano (Gb3-G5)

The following roles are available:

  • THE PRINCE: Seemingly confident, his bravado masks his insecurity as he seeks to help Cinderella and his people. Tenor (G2-A4)
  • THE FAIRY GODMOTHER: Wise advisor to Cinderella though not impervious to missteps, lots of sparkle, Mezzo-Soprano (G3-Eb5)
  • ANDREW: Kind and reasonable friend and good Advisor to the PRINCE, Tenor (G2-A4)
  • POLARON: Menacing and conniving Senior Advisor to the PRINCE who will do anything to seize power, Bass (G2-C4)
  • VIOLA (pronounced: “vy-Oh-la”):A kind, frail, but spritely elderly woman and long-time family friend of CINDERELLA, Alto/Mezzo (G3-C5)
  • THOMAS:A farmer and a friend of CINDERELLA who loses everything and struggles to ask for help, doubles as CINDERELLA’S FATHER, Bass (G2-Db4)
  • ALEXI (pronounced “uh-LEX-ē”)A troubled young person and friend of
  • CINDERELLA, 20s, doubles as ARTIST, Tenor (E3-G4)
  • ADVISOR TOADY (pronounced: “tō-DEE”) An incompetent Advisor to the
  • PRINCE, POLARON’s lackey, fumbling, unintelligent, blindly follows
  • POLARON, Tenor (Gb3-A4)
  • MARIA: Extravagant, confident, well-meaning yet opinionated lady’s maid, recent Slovenian immigrant, doubles as QUEEN, Contralto (G3-C5)
  • LADY 1: Mean, haughty, the ringleader of all the Ladies of the Court who is very jealous of Cinderella taking the throne, Soprano (G3-A5)
  • LADY 2: Snobby lady of the court who is also jealous of Cinderella and kowtows to Lady 1, Alto(G3-C5)
  • LADY 3: Demure and naive lady of the court, a follower who is kind underneath, Soprano (G3-A5)
  • LADY 4: Snobby lady of the court who is also jealous of Cinderella and kowtows to Lady 1, Alto (G3-C5)
  • PARSON: Well-meaning but easily distracted by power and position, doubles as KING and BISHOP, Bass-Baritone (G2-C4)
  • STEPMOTHER: Snobby and bitter, she mercilessly takes out her anger on Cinderella, British, doubles as SERVANT and THE POOR, Alto (G3-C5)
  • STEPSISTER 1: Whiny, British, doubles as SERVANT and THE POOR, Soprano (G3-A5)
  • STEPSISTER 2: Whiny, British, doubles as SERVANT and THE POOR, Alto (G3-C5)
  • RISHKAA: Sly accomplished young thief, doubles as CAILEIGH (G3-A5)
  • CAILEIGHA: Spirited young housemaid, Irish, Soprano (G3-A5)
  • ADVISOR DROITE: Leader of the right-wing contingent of the Advisors, used to be well-meaning but was corrupted, Mezzo-Soprano (Bb3-Eb5)
  • ADVISOR GAUCHE: Leader of the left-wing contingent of the Advisors, used to be well-meaning but was corrupted, (ANY)
    GUSTAV: Valet to the PRINCE, a jovial fellow, doubles as THE POOR (ANY)

You can sign up for an audition slot here.

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