MCP is Excited to Present a Summer Double Header!

MCP_Nunsense logoMCP_Nunsense A-men logoJoin us for
Nunsense and Nunsense A-men
Two unCONVENTual musicals

Nunsense, directed by Jay Fultz, is the hilarious result of a variety show put on by the Little Sisters of Hoboken as a fundraiser. When they need to raise funds to bury the last four sisters of the fifty who died of botulism after consuming Sr. Julia Child of God’s vichyssoise, they decide sharing their talents will do the trick. The last remaining nuns of their order…Reverend Mother Regina, Sr. Mary Hubert, Sister Robert Anne, Sr. Amnesia, and novice Sr. Leo…rally together, so that their fellow sisters can be put to rest.

Nunsense will be performed July 15 & 16 at 8:00 PM and July 17 & 23 at 3:00 PM.

When the good sisters are unable to perform because Sr. Julia Child of God strikes again, the men of the stage crew rise to the occasion and present Nunsense A-men. They do so because “the show must go on.” Nunsense A-men will be performed July 21, 22 & 23 at 8:00 PM and July 24 at 3:00 PM.

Tickets to attend either Nunsense or Nunsense A-men are $20 for Adults and $15 for Seniors and Students.

If you would wish to attend both shows, prices are $35 for Adults and $30 for Seniors and Students. You may choose any of the Nunsense performances coupled with any of the Nunsense A-men performances. No need to come on the same evening or day of the week for both. You can choose when you make your ticket purchase online or by leaving a message at 513.398.7804 as to which to shows you prefer.

There is also a special Double or Nun event being held Saturday, July 23rd that allows audience members to see Nunsense at 3:00 PM and Nunsense A-men at 8:00 PM with a box dinner in between. The cost for the event is $50 for adults and $45 for Seniors and Students.

Tickets are available at

The direct link is

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