A Farewell Note from Kevin Moore

HRTC_Kevin Moore Farewell-From Human Race Theatre Company

How do you sum up 36 years of your life? Not just career, but life. Because the lines between the two have always been blurry. Theatre was my life. Our lives. Scott included. Because theatre has been the majority of our lives for the past 36 years. Even more if we include before The Human Race. But, for the sake of sanity, let’s stick with just The Human Race.

If you like numbers, here are a few that sum up our 35 seasons:

  • There have been 355 productions/programs/workshops.
  • I have directed 65 of those.
  • I have performed in 22 of those. Scott has performed in 92.

I can’t even begin to think about how many artists have rehearsed/performed, directed, designed, been traveled, housed & fed, built, sewed, recorded, lighted, composed, wrote, painted, fabricated and struck. And I have had the great pleasure of engaging with each and every one of them at some point, and that has been a major perk of the job. How can you not be inspired every day when you are surrounded by that much creativity?

I have been blessed to be able to do a job that I have loved. I am thankful to so many who made it possible by first, having faith in me and then supporting me.

In 1979, Marsha Hanna, Scott Stoney, and myself founded Illumination Theatre – our first attempt at establishing a professional theatre company in Dayton. In 1982, we met Suzy Bassani, and Illumination Theatre provided the first Muse Machine program to the schools – and continued for four years until Suzy started The Human Race. It was an interesting path, but all good things seem to happen that way.
While in the midst of it all, there is rarely time to look back and see what you have accomplished. Oddly, the pandemic offered that time to reflect and feel proud of the work we have done, the challenges we have surpassed, and the people we have affected. And with the company currently stronger than ever, I can’t imagine a better legacy. And I know the company is in very good hands with Kappy Kilburn, Tara Lail, and your new Artistic Director, Emily N. Wells.

I look forward to seeing you again at the Loft Theatre next season, but just as an audience member for now. No curtain speeches. No “put your phones in pleasure mode.” Just another person ready to be entertained, challenged, uplifted and moved. That is always to be expected at The Human Race Theatre Company.

Thank you!HRTC_Kevin

Click here to view images from Kevin’s Farewell Celebration


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