Gideon Productions Presents BE MY THIEF World Premiere as Part of Cincy Fringe Festival


JUNE 14th – JUNE 17th @ ART ACADEMY ROOM 103

Gideon Productions, the company behind the Cincy Fringe hits God Of Obsidian (2017 Linda Bowen Full Frontal Pick) Musical Chairs (2018 Critic’s Pick Award), and This House Will Never Let Us Go (2019 Critic’s Pick Award) will present the World Premiere of playwright Mac Rogers’ (The Honeycomb Trilogy; the global hit podcasts The Message, LifeAfter and Steal The Stars) sci-fi-inflected psychological thriller BE MY THIEF, running from June 14th to June 17th at Art Academy Room 103 as part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. The production will be directed by Jordana Williams (The Honeycomb Trilogy; Steal the Stars) and will feature Rebecca Comtois (Viral; Crystal Skillman’s Geek! with Vampire Cowboys), Mac Rogers (NYIT Outstanding Lead Actor Nominee for The Adventures of Nervous-Boy with Nosedive Productions), and Kristen Vaughan (Frankenstein Upstairs, The Honeycomb Trilogy, NYIT Outstanding Lead Actress Winner for Benefactors).

Mira just came home from her first day back at work in person… but her husband Sam doesn’t think she’s really Mira at all. Sam is convinced that she’s a duplicate, created for unknown and likely nefarious reasons. Unable to persuade Sam from his apparent delusion, Mira tracks down an unconventional (and unnerving) therapist, Latham, who takes the couple down a terrifying therapeutic rabbit-hole that unearths truths none of them could have imagined. BE MY THIEF is a twisty thriller about marriage, intimacy, identity, and the fear that society may be changing faster than we can ever prepare for.

BE MY THIEF will run June 14th at 7:00pm, June 15th at 7:00pm, June 16th at 8:45pm, and June 17th at 8:45pm, as part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival at Art Academy Room 103 (1212 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, OH, 45202). Tickets ($16) may be purchased online at The show will run 60 minutes with no intermission.

MAC ROGERS (Playwright and Sam) is an award-winning playwright and audio dramatist. His sci-fi thriller podcasts THE MESSAGE, STEAL THE STARS, and LIFEAFTER were downloaded over 7 million times.  His plays God of Obsidian, Musical Chairs, and This House Will Never Let Us Go were all Cincy Fringe award-winners. His plays include THE HONEYCOMB TRILOGY (New York Times and Backstage Critic’s Picks and winner of the NYIT Award for Best Premiere Production), VIRAL (winner of Outstanding Play at FringeNYC 2009), and UNIVERSAL ROBOTS (nominated for four New York Innovative Theatre awards). Mac’s plays have earned acclaim from The New York Times, The Guardian, Time Out New York, The New York Post, and many others. 

JORDANA WILLIAMS (Director) has directed numerous plays by Mac Rogers, including the CityBeat Critic’s Picks This House Will Never Let Us Go, God Of Obsidian, Musical Chairs, and Ligature Marks, as well as The Honeycomb Trilogy (NY Times and Time Out NY Critics’ Picks), Universal Robots and Viral. She also directed Mac’s podcast thrillers Steal the Stars, a 2018 Audie Award finalist for Best Audio Drama, and Give Me Away. Other favorite directing work includes Kill Shakespeare at NY Comic Con, Vince Gatton’s Alexandria and The Particulars at FringeNYC.

REBECCA COMTOIS (Mira) previously worked with Mac Rogers and Jordana Williams on the Cincy Fringe award-winners This House Will Never Let Us Go, God Of Obsidian, Musical Chairs, and Ligature Marks, as well as Viral (Winner of FringeNYC’s Outstanding Production of a Play) and The Honeycomb Trilogy (NY Times and Time Out NY Critics’ Picks).  Other notable roles include Minnie the Minotaur in Cystal Skillman’s Geek! (Vampire Cowboys), Jenny in James Comtios’ Infectious Opportunity (Nosedive Productions) and Mag in Taylor Mac’s The Hot Month  (Boomerang’s Legacy Reading Series).

KRISTEN VAUGHAN (Latham) is a three-time NYIT Awards nominee for Lead Actress, winning for Jane in Benefactors (Retro Productions).  Among Kristen’s other roles; Amelia Cooke in The Honeycomb Trilogy and Victoria Frankenstein in Frankenstein Upstairs (Gideon Productions), and Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire (Bleecker Company).

Critical acclaim for Gideon Productions:

“Television is where you find complicated storytelling. Film is the home of epic sci-fi trilogies. Giant aliens are expensive. Mac Rogers’s “Honeycomb Trilogy,” a titanic story about humanity in crisis wedged into a small theater in Queens, laid waste to these truisms, and provided giddy, cerebral fun along the way.” The New York Times 

“With a minimal but imaginative set, two very talented actors, and a powerful passionate script, God Of Obsidian is not to be missed.”  The Sappy Critic

“A sexy, subtle, and startling exploration of apathy versis desire.” CityBeat on This House Will Never Let Us Go 

GIDEON PRODUCTIONS crafts gripping plays that explore what’s strange about being human and what’s human about being strange, using familiar genres and cultural touchstones as a springboard to something wholly unexpected.

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