Steven Nicholas’ Award Winning Show ExperiMENTAL Comes to Cincinnati

CFF22_Experi-mental logoCincinnati, June 4-17, 2022 – The Cincy Fringe Festival will feature the regional premier of Steven Nicholas’ spellbinding new mind reading show ExperiMENTAL.  After receiving glowing reviews at the 2021 Orlando, Boulder, and OKC fringe festivals, Steven will be appearing for a two week engagement at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

With multiple reimagined concepts for the 2022 festival season, ExperiMENTAL will deliver an experience that isn’t just something to view, but something to be a part of.  After the 2021 premier of ExperiMENTAL, the Orlando Weekly said “You’ll be Mesmerized” and selected it as one of the top ten shows to see at the Orlando Fringe Festival.

With a most unusual set of skills, Steven Nicholas promises to get inside your head, find out what you’re thinking, and leave you questioning exactly where to draw the line between fact and fiction.  ExperiMENTAL features engaging autobiographical moments, incredible feats of memory, a hallucination, and mind reading under the strictest of test conditions.  Featuring audience involvement throughout, select individuals will leave the theater with verifiable proof that their potential is much greater than they previously believed it to be.  Differing choices made by every audience lead the show down a new path every night, making each performance a unique event.  ExperiMENTAL promises to twist your reality in a way you can’t help but love.

Tickets are available for $16 at

About Steven Nicholas
Steven is a mind reader and performer who aims to inspire audiences by expanding their belief in their own limitless potential and ability to overcome obstacles.  He has appeared in numerous national commercials, films, and theatrical productions.  In May of 2021, his debut one man show, ExperiMENTAL, won him the coveted “Patrons’ Pick” award at the Orlando Fringe Festival and went on to sell out seven consecutive performances.  Steven hopes to continue to develop his show and to bring audiences positive and uplifting entertainment with a little added mystery.

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