Auditions Announced for 101 DALMATIONS KIDS at Rise Up Performing Arts

RUPA_logoAudition dates:

  • May 21 from 9am-2pm
  • May 23 from 5-7pm

Register for an audition slot here:

For: ages 7-13

Rehearsals begin May 31st
Show dates: July 22nd-24th
Show Times: Fri at 7:00, Sat at 2:00 & Sat at 5:00

Show Location: Fairfield Freshman Theatre
Director: Sarah Grace McCollough

Audition forms are available here.

The Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita happily raise their Puppies — Penny, Pepper, Lucky, and Patch — in a small, loving home on the edge of Regent’s Park in the city of London (“Dalmatian Conga”). As the Dogs Of London narrate, Nanny cares for all the Dalmatians, including their human “pets”: Roger, a composer, and Anita, an artist. Part of the family’s cherished routine is watching their favorite TV program (“Thunderbolt Adventure Hour”) and singing along to the super-catchy commercial theme song for their favorite snack (“Kanine Krunchies”).

One day, their wealthy neighbor, Cruella De Vil, stops by and, admiring the spotted puppies, realizes they are just what she needs to complete her fabulous fur collection. When Roger refuses to sell the Dalmatian pups, Cruella storms off (“Cruella De Vil”) and plots with Horace and Jasper to steal them (“Cruella’s Scheme”).

With Nanny and Anita out of the house and Roger asleep in front of the TV, Cruella’s henchmen lure the puppies away to her fur vault using Kanine Krunchies as bait (“Kanine Krunchies – Reprise”, “The Fur Vault”). Realizing their beloved puppies were stolen, Pongo and Perdita appeal to the Dogs of London for help (“Twilight Bark”).

Meanwhile, the puppies discover they are not alone in the fur vault. Other Puppies, including Freckles and Spotty, explain to the Dalmatian pups where they are and what’s to become of them. Despite being surrounded by police, Cruella is determined to get her new fur (“My Beautiful Coat”), even as the Dogs of London — headed by the resourceful cat, Sergeant Tibbs — rescue all the puppies from the fur vault (“The Chase”). As a Police Officer and Dogcatcher capture the three thieves, Roger, Anita, and Nanny imagine a puppy-filled happily ever after (“Dalmatian Vacation & Finale”) with their adopted 101 Dalmatians!

Roles Available

  • Cruella De Vil
    Cruella is the rich, fashion-forward antagonist of the story who harbors a penchant for puppy fur. Ruthless and impulsive, she should command the stage with dramatic flair and brassiness.
    Vocal range top: C4
    Vocal range bottom: Ab3
  • Roger
    Roger, married to Anita, is the soft-spoken yet confident composer and owner of Pongo and Perdita. His relaxed form of leadership acts as a contrast to the frenetic Cruella. He should be a strong actor, singer, and mover with an adult bearing that sets him apart from the more immature puppies.
    Vocal range top: B4
    Vocal range bottom: A#2
  • Anita
    Anita, wife of Roger, is a sweet and nurturing painter whose kind disposition acts as a stark contrast to Cruella’s cruelty.
    Vocal range top: C5
    Vocal range bottom: D4
  • Horace and Jasper
    Horace and Jasper, Cruella’s two henchmen for hire, provide the show’s comic relief à la Abbott and Costello or Laurel and Hardy.
    Vocal range top: B4
    Vocal range bottom: Ab3
  • Perdita and Pongo
    Perdita and Pongo, the puppies’ parents, have similar dispositions to their owners, Roger and Anita.
  • Lucky, Patch, Penny, and Pepper
    Perdita and Pongo’s funny and spirited pups.
  • Nanny
    Nanny is the warm yet outspoken housekeeper to Roger and Anita. This is a small role that requires a strong speaking voice (no singing required).
  • Dogs of London
    The Dogs of London include the Boxers, Scotties, Poodles, and Chihuahuas that assist Perdita and Pongo in saving their puppies. All should be comfortable embodying the physical movement of their particular breed.
  • Boxer Narrator, Scottie Narrator, Poodle Narrator, and Chihuahua Narrator
    Boxer Narrator, Scottie Narrator, Poodle Narrator, and Chihuahua Narrator help to tell the story and are part of your Dogs of London ensemble.
  • Dalmatian Ensemble
    Dognapped by Cruella, these Dalmatian pups come in halfway through the play.
  • Freckles and Spotty
    Freckles and Spotty, two Dalmatian puppies stolen by Cruella.
  • Sergeant Tibbs
    Sergeant Tibbs is the army cat that rallies the Dogs of London to rescue the puppies.
    Vocal range top: Bb4
    Vocal range bottom: G4
  • Police Officer
    The Police Officer arrests the villains at the end of the show.
  • Dogcatcher
    The Dogcatcher appears at show’s end to dramatically remove Cruella from the scene.

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