World Premiere LGBTQIA+ Musical to Play Cincy Fringe Festival During LGBT Pride Month! 

CFF22_Texas AnnieThis Queer and Campy Musical will play 5 shows as part of the Cincy Fringe Festival Running June 3-18, 2022

(CINCINNATI, OH) – The Cincy Fringe Festival is the place to be for cutting-edge performance content, and the new musical comedy, TEXAS ANNIE: THE LEGEND OF THE MOAN RANGER by Jennifer Howd and Roz Mihalko, brings the house down with LGBTQI+ inclusive flair!

Produced by local duo Jennifer Howd (Multimedia Artist and Award-winning Screenwriter) and Maggie Perrino (Theatre Director for The Carnegie), TEXAS ANNIE follows the musical adventures of a down-and-out salesgirl at an adult toy store whose life is turned upside-down when the Governor of Texas outlaws the use of intimate devices. On the run to deliver orders to eager customers across the Lone Star state, Annie must outsmart the Governor’s Texas Ranger henchman, Wolf Johnson, who is always hot on her heels. Can Annie change herself, her love life, and the Governor’s mind before the final curtain? Grab a ticket to find out!

A campy satire in the style of John Waters and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, this adults-only musical is based on a real Texas law passed in 1973 that made owning more than 6 intimate devices a felony in the state. Although the law was overturned in 2008, it technically remains on the books. Which means, presently, you can (legally) own more guns than intimate devices in Texas. Other states, such as Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, and parts of Georgia all have versions of this law that are still being enforced to this day.

TEXAS ANNIE Co-Writer/Co-Lyricist and Co-Producer, Jennifer Howd is thrilled to be debuting the show at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. “As a proud member of the Cincinnati queer community, I’m excited to be bringing fun, LGBTQIA+ inclusive content to the city—especially during pride month.”

“It’s a really funny show with a deeper message,” adds show Producer and Director, Maggie Perrino. “We hope anyone who sees it is inspired to live and love in whatever ways are most authentic to them.”

Co-Writer & Co-Lyricist, Roz Mihalko couldn’t agree more. “TEXAS ANNIE is all about spreading good vibrations with love, laughter, and song. And with all the myriad challenges folks are facing these days—gay or straight—couldn’t we all just use some upbeat, heartwarming fun to help us get through these crazy times?”

Performances of TEXAS ANNIE will take place at Know Theatre of Cincinnati, located at 1120 Jackson St, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Show times are: Sat, 6/4 @ 5:15p; Sun, 6/5 @ 9:00pm; Sun, 6/12 @ 3:30pm; Tues, 6/14 @ 9:00pm; and Fri, 6/17 @ 9:00pm.

Tickets can be purchased via The Cincy Fringe Festival’s website.

CONTENT ADVISORY: Production includes sexual content, adult themes and language. Not appropriate for children under 17.

About The Writers: Writer/Producer Jennifer Howd is a non-binary, queer multi-disciplinary artist, author, and avid meditator. Roz Mihalko is a queer trans woman playwright, screenwriter, and author. For more information about Jennifer, visit For more information about Roz, visit

For more information about TEXAS ANNIE, visit:



  • Texas Annie: Hattie Clark
  • Ashley Killjoy: Lydia Knoll
  • Governor Killjoy: Justin Glaser
  • Prudence Killjoy/Granny: Martha Slater
  • Rainbow: Katerina Reynolds
  • Dr. Goodbody/Ensemble: Chloe Price
  • Wolf Johnson: Matt Krieg
  • Brad/Sam Houston: Royce Louden
  • Candi/Ensemble: Hope Pauley
  • Sr. Christian/Ensemble: Robert Fields


  • Writers: Jennifer Howd and Roz Mihalko
  • Music Composers: Steve Goers and John Woods
  • Producers: Jennifer Howd and Maggie Perrino
  • Director/Choreographer: Maggie Perrino
  • Assistant Director/Company Manager: Kyle Taylor
  • Music Director: Steve Goers

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