Footlighters’ BONNIE & CLYDE Tickets Now on Sale

FLI_Bonnie & Clyde promo

Robert Breslin IV as Clyde Barrow & Grace Nowak as Bonnie Parker.

Now you should absolutely believe what you’ve heard in all the newspapers!

Get your tickets for Footlighters’ BONNIE & CLYDE while the news is hot!

January 20th- February 6th, 2022


  • Clyde Barrow – Robert Breslin IV
  • Bonnie Parker – Grace Nowak
  • Buck Barrow – Alex DeVore
  • Blanche Barrow – Annie Bloemer
  • Cumie Barrow – Cathy Bennett
  • Sherrif Schmid – Joseph Moreland
  • Ted Hinton – Marco Colant
  • Young Clyde – Corey Meyer
  • Young Bonnie – Abigail Glacken
  • Emma Parker – Marypat Carletti
  • Preacher – Jeff Richardson
  • Henry Barrow/ Captin Hamer – H. Scott Nesbitt
  • Bob Alcorn/Judge – Chuck Ingram
  • Trish – Rachel Scardina
  • Eleanore Logyn Sanchez
  • Stella – Adria Whitfill
  • Ensemble – Michael Rowlett
  • Ensemble – James Lindeman

Book by Ivan Menchell
Lyrics by Don Black
Music by Frank Wildhorn

Directed by Bunny Arszman
Produced by Mary Stone
Music and Vocal Directed by Paul Chiappone
Choreographed by JV Katz

“It’s called The story of Bonnie and Clyde. You’ve heard of the story of Jesse James, of how he lived and died. If you’re still in need of  something to read… here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde.” – Bonnie Parker.

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