Auditions Announced for RIPCORD at Mariemont Players

MPI_logo 2020The Mariemont Players and director Becky Collins are happy to announce auditions for the March 2022 production of RIPCORD.

Audition Information


  • Thursday, October 7th, 7 pm – 9pm
  • Sunday, October 10th, 1pm – 3pm


  • Mariemont Players, Walton Creek Theater, 4101 Walton Creek Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

Auditions will consist of cold reads from the script. For advance copies of the sides please contact director Becky Collins at

The director will also accept video auditions of a prepared comedic monologue, submitted by October 10th. To submit a video audition please email the video to the director and include your name, preferred roles, and contact information.​

Performance Dates

  • March 11 – 27, 2022

Vaccination Policy

Please note: The Mariemont Players requires all actors to be fully vaccinated before attending auditions, rehearsals, and performances. All production crew members must also be fully vaccinated before joining a production.


For 4 years, irritable and sarcastic Abby Binder has kept a room to herself at the Bristol Place Senior Living Facility, through sheer force of her rude personality. Nursing disappointment at the direction her life has taken, she has no room for distraction. When bubbly, bright, and unbearably cheerful Marilyn Dunne is placed in her room, Abby tries her usual tricks, but fails to scare her annoying new roommate away. Abby resorts to new tricks taking place in haunted houses, sky dives, Craigslist, and the local park. Ripcord is an enemies-to-friends story.

Set in contemporary New Jersey (accent not required), we are aspiring to cast a diverse and representative group of actors. Previous acting experience is not required. Please contact Becky Collins with any accommodation requests or questions.​


  • Abby Binder: She/her, 60-90+
    Abby is a blunt, no-nonsense, stern resident at Bristol Place Senior Living; she uses her biting humor to prohibit people from getting close to her; her past has left her with a simmering bitterness; roommates with Marilyn; wants the room to herself and will get it by any means necessary.
  • Marilyn Dunne: She/her, 60-90+
    Abby’s chipper, chatterbox roommate at Bristol Place Senior Living; a warm and pleasant personality who always means the best; her strength lies in her ability to always keep her chipper cool, even in extreme situations; ultimately, she is looking for a friend.
  • Benjamin/Lewis/Clown: He/his, 30-49
    Benjamin: The estranged son of Abby; reclusive and shy; rough around the edges; a former addict who has relapsed many times; he is trying to make a better life and comes to make amends with his mother. Lewis: Marilyn’s son, who is also a skydiving instructor; knowledgeable and lively. Clown: An actor in a haunted house who plays an evil clown that tries to steal and eat a baby.
  • Scotty: He/his, 20-39
    A bright, dedicated, and committed resident aide at Bristol Place Senior Living; an aspiring actor; he is trying to do his job to the best of his ability, but he will not shy away from putting their foot down with Marilyn when needed.
  • Colleen/Woman in White: She/her, 30-49
    Colleen: The bright, sunny, lighthearted, perky, quirky, and caring daughter of Marilyn and wife of Derek; high-energy like her mother, but with more fierceness; will go to extreme lengths to help her mother win the room and to gain a friend. Woman in White: An actress in a haunted house who is trying to save her baby from the Clown.
  • Derek/Zombie Butler/Masked Man: He/his, 30-49
    Derek: Colleen’s other half, literally and figuratively; more realistic and reserved than his wife; always cautious and worried. Zombie Butler: An actor who is leading the haunted house tour. Also plays Masked Man.

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