Uproar Theatrics, A New Theatrical Licensing Company

UT_logoUproar Theatrics is the new theatrical licensing company connecting educational and regional theatre markets to exquisite new material.

Theatrical licensing should be all about the actors and the playwrights; the people who made the thing, and the people performing it. Young people deserve to have their stories told with heart. Creators deserve to be compensated and celebrated for their work.

We believe that every theatre deserves access to cutting edge, quality material, and world class creators should be
paid for exceptional work.

Uproar Theatrics provides 100% digital materials for theatres. This means immediate and free perusals of our entire catalogue. When you license a show, you’ll receive unique, watermarked PDFs for every cast and crew member and all the necessary files waiting in the cloud.


  • Excellently crafted plays and musicals that center around the lives of characters in their teens through 30s.
  • Filled with nuance, complexity, compassion, and a deep and unrelenting love of humanity.
  • Pieces that zoom in on all kinds of lives, not just those we’re used to seeing on the mainstage.


  • What’s best for Broadway isn’t always what’s best for colleges, universities and regional theaters. Young actors deserve more than scripts making light of their experiences. Where is all of the amazing work that falls between?
  • At Uproar, our shows focus on characters in their teens through 30s, exploring relevant issues with nuance, complexity, and grace. If we had a megaphone, this would be our swan song to young theatre makers: we see you, we celebrate you, and you’re done wearing old age makeup.

Website: www.uproartheatrics.com
Instagram: @uproartheatrics
Twitter @uproartheatrics

Broadway World article: www.broadwayworld.com/industry/article/New-All-Digital-Theatre-Licensing-Company-UPROAR-THEATRICS-Announced-20210602


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