Auditions Announced for THE SOUND OF MUSIC at Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre

GHCT_logoDirector and Vocal Director – David Shough
Conductor – Mark Durbin
Stage Manager – Carrie Rusche
Produced by Jane and Barb Winkler
Performances December 2-5, 2021

There will be separate auditions for children and adults – please read carefully below.  Rehearsals begin Friday, September 24, and will generally be held Sunday afternoons and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.  The rehearsal schedule is subject to adjustment depending on casting.

Sunday, September 19, 2-5pm
Auditions for Von Trapp Family Children
NOTE: Actors for Liesl should also plan to attend one of the adult auditions to read with actors for Rolf. Actors for Maria will audition primarily with the adults, and will sing their audition song then, but should attend this audition as well so that we can see you interact with the children.

Those auditioning for the Trapp family children should bring a list of other performing they have done, including both theatre and choir, a list of conflicts through December 5, and be prepared to sing a musical theatre song of their choice (just one verse).  Sheet music is preferred, but children may also sing a cappella, though they should know what their starting note is.  Children should also be able to sing the chorus of Do-Re-Mi (“Doe, a deer,” etc.) in key with piano.  Auditionees will be photographed and measured for height.  The audition will include some reading of lines, as well as movement and play exercises.

If you cannot attend, please contact David Shough (937-626-2674) and we’ll try to make arrangements.

We are looking for young actors who sing well and are bright, lively, and fearless.  They must appear close to the age of the character, but need not be that precise age. Race and ethnicity are not relevant; all are welcome to audition.
Parents must understand that, if cast, the actors will need to stay as late as 9pm on many rehearsal days, and later during the week or two leading up to the performances.
Some or all of the children, other than Liesl, may be double-cast.


  • Liesl (age 16): The oldest child, blossoming into a young lady with an interest in boys. She has a maternal sense and cares very deeply for her younger siblings.  Dance skills and basic guitar playing are a plus.
  • Friedrich (age 14): Tough exterior, very much trying to be “the man” of the family.
  • Louisa (age 13): Rebellious attitude. Can be a bit of a brat.
  • Kurt (age 10): Gentle and mischievous.  Should be able to sing a high G (in So Long, Farewell) in unchanged voice or falsetto.
  • Brigitta (age 9): Smart, observant.  Speaks her mind.
  • Marta (age 7): Very sweet and gentle.
  • Gretl (age 6): The youngest. This young actor must have the cute factor, but also must be outgoing and independent.  She has only a few lines by herself, but they are important.

Monday and Tuesday, September 20 & 21, 7-9pm
Auditions for Adults, including Liesl and Rolf

NOTE: Actors for Maria and Liesl should also attend the Sunday audition so that we can see you with the children.
Please being a resume or list of performing experience, including theatre and choir, a head shot if available, and a list of conflicts through December 5.  You may be photographed as well.  Please prepare up to 1 minute of a musical theatre song that best shows your voice for the role(s) you seek.  Please bring marked sheet music or means of playing recorded accompaniment (with no vocals).  No a cappella auditions, please.  We may test your vocal range as well. Those seeking only nuns’ chorus or male ensemble roles will be finished after all have sung.  There will be a brief dance audition for actors seeking Captain, Maria, Max, Elsa, Rolf, and Liesl.  You may be asked to read from the script.  You need only attend one night but may attend both.  If you cannot attend either, please contact David Shough (937-626-2674) and we’ll try to make arrangements.

Age ranges for all but Maria, Elsa, Liesl and Rolf are very broad; that said, stated ranges are those of the characters, not necessarily of the actors. Race and ethnicity are not relevant; all are welcome to audition.


  • Maria (musical theatre mix/soprano, dance, 20s) Young, free spirited, fearless, but doesn’t always believe she is strong enough. Must move well, and basic guitar skills are a plus. (Actors for Maria will sing at this audition but should attend the Sunday audition as well to interact with the children.)
  • Captain Georg von Trapp (baritone, 50s+) A retired Austrian naval captain. Uses his military bearing as a wall to repress his sadness and push aside his children, a wall that Maria breaks through. Basic guitar skills a plus.
  • Liesl (age 16): The oldest child, blossoming into a young lady with an interest in boys. She has a maternal sense and cares very deeply for her younger siblings.  Dance skills and basic guitar playing are a plus. (Actors for Liesl should attend Sunday also and sing their audition song then.)
  • Max Detweiller (tenor/baritone, 30+) Flamboyant, ingratiating friend of Georg and Elsa; wishes he were rich.  Not prone to bravery, but finds his courage in the end. Comic skills a must.
  • Elsa Schrader (mezzo, 35-45) Beautiful, sophisticated, but likes being rich. Adores Georg, but also his money.
  • Mother Abbess (legit mezzo (high A♭), 40+) Motherly, understanding, strong and kind.  Her Climb Every Mountain is the centerpiece of the show. Please don’t audition with this song, but be prepared to sing the last chorus (key of D♭) if asked.

The Three Nuns (all mezzos or so, all 30+):

  • Sister Berthe Prudish, straight-laced; less tolerant than other nuns. Disapproves of Maria.
  • Sister Margaretta Very kind, understanding and concerned. Supports Maria.
  • Sister Sophia Amused by Maria, but still doesn’t believe she fits in at the Abbey.
  • Rolf (low tenor, 17) Suitor to Liesl, telegram delivery boy, later Nazi soldier. Sings & dances Sixteen Going on Seventeen with Liesl. A pleasant young man who gets drawn up in the Nazi cause, but comes to his senses in the end. Dance training a plus.
  • Franz (non-singing, 40+) The von Trapp butler; served the Captain in the navy as well.  Formal but not without spirit; he is Austrian, but accepts and admires the German invaders.
  • Frau Schmidt (non-singing, 30+) The housekeeper; stoic, unamused, but fiercely loyal to the family.
  • Herr Zeller (non-singing, 40+) Stern and unsmiling, a Nazi official whose primary concern is to see that everyone toes the line.
  • Admiral Von Schreiber (non-singing, 50+) A German naval officer but not a Nazi.  Sympathetic to Georg’s predicament.


  • Nuns (16 and older, good singers) We expect to cast 12 or so of various ages to play nuns, postulants, party guests, and contestants.  The Nuns’ four-part chorus is central to the music of the show, so choral experience in a plus.
  • Male Ensemble (20s and older) We expect to cast 6 or so to play party guests, contestants and Nazi soldiers.  Singing in not essential.

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