Auditions Announced for PUFFS at Springboro Community Theatre

SCT_logoAnnouncing Springboro Community Theatre Auditions for PUFFS

Auditions for PUFFS will take place on Monday, July 19 and Tuesday, July 20 at 7:00 PM at Springboro Community Theatre, 115 Wright Station Way, Springboro.

When arriving at the Performing Arts Center, please follow posted signs for auditions, as other activities are taking place at the facility on both nights. Auditioners should be prepared to do cold readings from the script, and should bring all known conflicts from July 26 – September 19. Any questions may be sent to

Performance dates are Sept. 10-19.

Please note that some auditioners from Monday may be asked to return Tuesday.


  • Wayne Hopkins
  • Oliver Rivers
  • Megan Jones
  • Narrator
  • Ernie Mac (and A Very Tall Man / Seamus / A Certain Potions Teacher / Professor Turban / Ghost History Teach / Professor Locky / Mr. Nick / Sal / Second Headmaster / Real Mr. Moody)
  • Hannah (and First Headmaster / Professor McG / Professor Sprouty / Xavia Jones / Professor Lanny / Runes Teach / Ms. Babble)
  • J. Finch Fletchley (and Uncle Dave / Goyle / A Fat Friar / Clumsy Longbottomo / Hermeoone #3 / Viktor / Mr. Bagman / Zach Smith)
  • Leanne (and Ginny / Helga / Frenchy)
  • Sally Perks (and Hermeoone / Blondo Malfoy / Rowena / Rita Scooter / Bippy)
  • Susie Bones (and Harry / Colin / Hermeoone #2 / Ric Gryff / Myrtle)
  • Cedric (and Mr. Voldy)

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