TWITTERHATED, A New Play, Opens at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival June 5th

CFF21_TwitterHated with Fringe logoSand Catcher Collaborations is presenting the new play Twitterhated, which will open at the outdoor stages of The Know theatre on 1120 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, Ohio on June 5th at 2:45pm.

Show description: Reeling after a racist macroaggression by her boyfriend’s sister, Amelia finds herself lost in the Twitterverse. When social media bleeds into real life, she’s forced to reckon with who she wants to be – and how she wants to communicate. Twitterhated explores social media’s impact on in-person relationships and difficult conversations.

About the company: Sand Catcher Collaborations is Director Katie Baskerville and Actor/Playwright Julie Locker. Sand Catcher sees intersectional stories as grains of sand — try as theatres might to represent their entire communities, holding every grain of sand in their palms, some stories will inevitably slip through their fingers. Sand Catcher seeks to catch those grains of sand to see those who feel invisible, hear those who feel unheard, and boldly tell stories that go untold. Whether producing a series of monologues, a staged reading, a fully-produced play, or an immersive theatrical experience, Sand Catcher aims to grapple with topical issues affecting our community.

Twitterhated is Sand Catcher’s inaugural performance. Actor/Playwright Julie Locker pulls from her experience as a biracial woman, exposing the limits of the construct of race as it applies both to white supremacist and anti-racist movements when viewed through the lens of social media conversations. Not only is this heretofore an untold story in Cincinnati, but it is also presented in a style rarely seen in the city, using ensemble-based movement to create the world of the Twitterverse. Director Katie Baskerville built this world by asking, “How can we tell this story most authentically to the experience of the project?” For Twitterhated, the answer was using Viewpoints, a technique of movement composition that acts as a medium for thinking about and acting upon movement, gesture, and creative space.

Ticket price is $10. Detailed information, including show times and ticket purchasing, can be found at Show art by Ellyn Broderick.

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