NOT NOW DARLING Zoom Reading on May 16

BPI_logoBeechmont Players is holding their next ZOOM play reading on SUNDAY afternoon, May 16th from 2-4pm

Zoom Link:

The play is NOT NOW DARLING, by John Chapman and Ray Cooney.

ZOOM readings aren’t the same as live, but they provide a great chance to experience unknown shows and socialize with your theater buddies.  And we hope they’ll be a reminder of why we started working with Beechmont Players in the first place!

Speaking of which, keep an eye open for Beechmont’s first post-pandemic production—THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST. Auditions will be held in mid-July for a November 5-13 run.

This tremendously successful West End farce is set in the elegant fur salon of Bodley, Bodley & Crouch. Gilbert Bodley, a flamboyant extrovert, is scheming to seduce a beautiful stripper, Janie, with the aid of a £5,000 mink. Unfortunately, she is married and her husband, Harry, would notice such an acquisition. So Gilbert reduces the mink to £500 and Janie tries to get Harry to buy the coat for her, Gilbert paying the difference. Harry realizes a bargain when he sees one, but buys it instead for his own curvaceous little secretary, Sue.

Gilbert is quite demented by this turn of events and both he and his dithering assistant, Arnold Crouch, are further embarrassed when Janie strips and refuses to leave the salon without the mink. Their frenzied attempts to retrieve the coat from Sue and hide the naked Janie are further complicated by the unexpected arrival of Gilbert’s wife, Maude. Meanwhile, Arnold’s method of hiding any discarded ladies’ underwear is to throw them out of the window and it is left to Miss Tipdale, the firm’s spinster secretary, to retrieve the garments and the situation whenever necessary. The hilarious permutations reach a point of hysteria before everyone gets their just desserts.

The Cast:

  • Sue Lawson…Katherine Anderson
  • Miss Tipdale… Dava Lynn
  • Miss Whittington / Mrs. Frencham…Mary Puetz
  • Janie McMichael…Aubrey Wilson
  • Maude Bodley…Lynne Aaronson
  • Arnold Crouch…Jim Waldfogle
  • Gilbert Bodley…David Abbot
  • Harry McMichael…Bryce Willson
  • Commander Frencham/Mr. Lawson…Steve Phelan

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