Video Auditions Announced for A LITTLE BIT OF BROADWAY Virtual Cabaret at Queen City Productions

QCP_logoQueen City Productions will be holding auditions for the return of its cabaret series A LITTLE BIT OF BROADWAY.

This year’s installment will be “Broadway is Change.”

This past year brought a lot of change for everyone, especially the Broadway and performing artists’ community.

What we want to focus on for our performance is Social Change. We will be showcasing songs that bring attention to things concerning LGBTQ+ issues, Sexism, Gender Inequality, Depression, Suicide and Mental Health, Racial Inequality, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Body and Slut Shaming, Bullying, Classism, etc…

We are looking for performers of all ages, races, genders, sexualities, backgrounds, etc… to audition for us for what we hope to be an explosive and eye-opening collection of performances.

Anyone interested in auditioning should video record themselves singing a roughly 1 minute piece that showcases their vocal ability as well as their acting ability. We have a list of songs we are looking to cast performers for, so if you are interested in performing and just want us to cast you in a song, you can sing any Broadway style song for your audition. If you have a song that you would love to perform that you feel fits our theme of evoking social change, please feel free to audition with that piece.

Email your video, or a link to your video, to Please include your name and the title of your audition piece. If you are auditioning with a piece you feel fits our theme and are wanting to perform it in the cabaret, please let us know that and tell us why you feel it fits the theme. If you are auditioning with a themed piece but are okay with us casting you in a different piece please let us know that as well. Lastly, if you are just auditioning with a regular piece and would like us to cast you where we feel you best fit, please let us know.

Submissions are due by noon on Sunday, January 31st. At that point we will review all submissions and make our decisions and let everyone know if we were able to find a place for them in the performance.
After everyone is cast, we will set up times to work with everyone individually to record the vocals for their number and then a separate time to meet to record the video portion. Each number will be recorded in a “music video” style in a “full performance” mode.

If you have any questions, please email We really hope to see some extremely talented and very diverse performers audition for us!

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