Auditions Announced for CHILDREN OF EDEN at INNOVAtheatre

INNOV_logo2/15 – Due to inclement weather this evenings auditions have been postponed. We will move all audition slots from this evening to Wednesday night February 17th. If that date does not work for you PLEASE reach out to us and let us know. If you would prefer to come tomorrow evening that is fine as well. We will gladly work with you to make sure that you have an opportunity to audition. Also please note, we are also accepting video submissions.

INNOVAtheatre will be holding auditions for our July 2020 production of the Stephen Schwartz musical CHILDREN OF EDEN.

To sign up for an audition slot please visit

Directed by Richard Lee Waldeck
Musical Direction by Sarah Plaugher
Choreography by Maddy Weinkam
Production Stage Manager: Josh Gibson
Lighting & Sound Design: Zeke Plymesser
Produced by: Denise A. Schnieders

Auditions, rehearsals and performances will all take place at The Historic Sorg Opera House.


  • Monday, 2/15- 7:00-10:00 pm
  • Tuesday, 2/16- 7:00-10:00 pm
  • Wednesday, 2/17 7:00-10:00 pm
    Callbacks (IF NEEDED): Wednesday, 2/17- 7:00 pm

The Historic Sorg Opera House
63 S Main St, Middletown, OH 45044

Doors open at 6:30 pm. Auditions will be open and by appointment only. Walk ins are welcomed but will be seen in the nearest open slot if available.

For audition information or to sign up and secure your spot please visit

In order to maintain a safe environment for our staff and other auditionees, masks will be REQUIRED as well as 6ft social distancing. Also please make sure that your sheet music is in a standard 8.5×11 format with pages individually copied so that we can place them in plastic sleeves so that our accompanist does not have to touch everyone’s books and music. You will be able to remove your mask to sing once instructed by the directorial staff.

Audition applications will be accepted online as well as in person at the auditions and audition times will be staggered to allow for social distancing. We will do 5 minute slots and then a small movement/dance audition will be held at the :45 min mark each hour.

The director and his production team are looking for a tight ensemble cast of 30-40 energetic and versatile performers aged 6 and up for a dynamic production of Stephen Schwartz’s touchingly powerful, CHILDREN OF EDEN.


  • Auditions will consist of individual vocal auditions followed by a group dance audition. Everyone auditioning must dance.
  • An accompanist who is very capable of sightreading and classically trained will be provided for you.
  • Please dress comfortably for the dance audition. You may wish to bring a change of clothes.
  • Please prepare 16-32 measures of a song provided from a musical. Songs from Children of Eden will NOT be permitted and all vocalists must sing with an accompanist which will be provided.
  • You must provide sheet music properly marked with your start and stopping point for the accompanist.
  • No recorded or a cappella singing.
  • Familiarity with the show and music is helpful.
  • Headshots/resumes are recommended but not required.
  • All roles are open. All roles are unpaid.
  • The show calls for two boys aged 10-12 to play the roles of Young Cain and Young Abel.
  • If you were a part of our Summer YOUtheatre production of Newsies then you will not need to audition for the show but must fill out an audition form and email it to . If you are wanting to audition for Young Cain or Young Abel then you must audition, even if in Newsies.
  • This is a true ensemble show. All performers except for “Father/Mother” will be featured throughout as Storytellers and need to be able to sing and move well. A willingness to experiment creatively is a must. This production will be interpretive and surreal (and a lot of fun!) for those performers seeking a unique and rewarding challenge.

This production will be INNOVAtive and may be cast nontraditionally. Intentions of casting the same performers who are named roles in Act 1 as their counterpoint roles in Act 2 (Adam plays Noah, etc.) will be considered but may not be an actuality. The true stars of the show, however, are the Storytellers, who will figuratively and literally narrate and frame the entire production. The Storytellers have many solo lines and verses.

This is not just a musical telling of The Book of Genesis. It is a musical about love, faith, betrayal, and family challenges, with a decent amount of humor mixed in as well.

Please email with any questions.

Rehearsals typically will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

The show dates are July 9, 10, 16, 17 at 8pm and July 11 & 18 at 3pm All show dates are mandatory.

Tech week is July 5th – 8th. Tech week is mandatory.

Named Roles (age ranges are suggested but NOT mandatory):

  • FATHER or MOTHER- The creator of all, but not all-knowing. A commanding presence, (s)he switches between caring overseer and frightening resolve concerning their “children”. (s)he loves their children, although their rash actions at times appear counterproductive and illogical. High baritone/alto , 40s-50s.
  • EVE- Impetuous, with an unquenching thirst for knowledge and the unknown, which she attempts to balance with being a loving wife and, later, mother. Grows and matures physically and mentally throughout Act 1. Needs a dynamic acting, physicality, and vocal range. Soprano with a powerhouse belt, 20s-30s. (It is recommended that those auditioning for Eve be familiar with “The Spark of Creation”.)
  • ADAM- The obedient son torn between his love of Father and Eve, both of whom he seeks to please, who later grows to be a resolute father. Resistant and fearful of change and the unknown, from which he attempts to protect those he loves at almost any cost. A strong tenor, 20s-30s.
  • CAIN- Adam and Eve’s explosive, rebellious son. Inherits and embraces Eve’s passion for knowledge ten-fold. Fueled by frustration. High pop tenor, 17-early 20s.
  • ABEL- Adam and Eve’s second son, compliant and polite. Likes order and normalcy and works toward the impossible goal of attempting to please everyone in the family. Baritone, 17-early 20s.
  • YOUNG CAIN and YOUNG ABEL- younger versions of the counterparts described above. 10-12. The only child speaking roles in this production.
  • NOAH- The hardworking, proud father of a large household who, for the most part, does what he thinks is right, even when it goes against his own knowledge or better judgment. Has a more impersonal relationship with Father than Adam did and, as time goes on, shifts his primary focus to his family. Possibly played by the same actor who plays Adam.
  • MAMA NOAH- Often the voice of reason and the calming center of the household for both her sons and daughters-in-law as well as her husband. Possibly played by the same actress who plays Eve.
  • JAPHETH- Noah’s son who wishes to go his own way and be his own man and love who he wishes despite the consequences. Determined but not as explosive as Cain. His love for Yonah tempers a tendency toward violence. Possibly played by the same actor who plays Cain.
  • YONAH- Noah’s servant, a descendent of the race of Cain and therefore at the bottom of the class system. Quiet but brave, willing to sacrifice herself to save her love. Alto/mezzo with a strong belt, 17-early 20s.
  • HAM- Noah’s second son, loyal to his father. Possibly played by the same actor who plays Abel.
  • SHEM- Noah’s eldest son, loyal to his father but also a bit of a controlling troublemaker. 17-early 20s.
  • APHRA- Ham’s wife, pregnant and concerned about her baby. 17-early 20s.
  • AYSHA- Shem’s wife, not afraid to challenge her husband when needed. 17-early 20s.
  • Numerous other soloists and roles played by the Storytellers.

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