Know Shines a Light into the World in THE LIGHT AT THE END OF A WORLD

Know Theatre of Cincinnati shines a light into the world inKTC_The Light at the End logoDevised by Know Theatre
January 21-24, 2021

Feb. 1 – We had planned for The Light at the End of a World, our choose-your-own-adventure production about lighthouses, the perils of the coast, and what to look for when you’re lost in the dark, to run for one weekend only.

But our little streaming experiment was such a hit with audiences, and we received so many requests for an extension, that we’ve made it a video-on-demand experience through February 21.

After you purchase your pay-what-you-can ticket, you’ll have 48 hours to access the show and explore your way through the paths.

On what to look for when you’re lost in the dark.

Choose Your Story

Is it just us, or has this winter seemed darker than usual? A lot of this past year has been pretty dark, to be honest. Given the state of the world, Know Theatre found ourselves yearning for a light in the darkness. Kindling that light gave us our newest digital MainStage event: The Light at the End of a World, which offers a little guidance about what to look for when you’re lost in the dark.

In this all-online, interactive, choose-your-own-path performance, audiences find themselves welcomed into the private thoughts of a passionate amateur historian of lighthouses and other historical wayfinding. As his story unfolds, viewers can choose “doors” in the performance that drop them into other worlds: a cabaret featuring the best in nautical stand-up comedy, a grippingly suspenseful tale about travelers marooned in a lighthouse, and the workshop of a beleaguered young artist struggling to find her light.

The Light at the End of a World has been devised by the artists on staff at the Know Theatre. We have always known that art can be a healing balm to the spirits of artist and audience alike, and as we wrestled with this question over the past several months – what do we do when we are lost in the dark? – the different limbs of this play began to emerge.

Inspired by branching, site-specific works of theatre, like Sleep No More from Punchdrunk and The Other Rhine, our own co-produced work with Hit The Lights! Theatre Co. in 2016, this show is a fully-staged piece of digital entertainment that viewers can stream in the safety and comfort of their own homes. It’s a warm and dry haven for all who feel battered on the rocks of the past year, for everyone who’s looking for a little light or a little sweetness in the January dark, or for anyone who’s longing to be a light for others.

The Light at the End of a World will be performed for just one weekend, January 21 through 24. Helmed by the Know’s artistic leadership team, Andrew J. Hungerford and Tamara Winters, the show is co-created by Zach Robinson, Liz Carman, Kayla Williams, and Alexx Rouse.

Know Theatre takes the potential risks of making theatre in a pandemic very seriously, and we are taking all possible steps to ensure the safety of our cast and crew. Precautions include grouping working teams together inside pre-existing social “bubbles,” regular COVID testing for all members of the production team, clearly delineated working spaces to ensure safe distancing, mask-wearing at all times except during performance, and regular disinfecting of the theatre.

Tickets for The Light at the End of a World will be available in early January. We can’t wait to take you on this wayfinding journey with us. The seas may get bumpy, but we’ll guide you safely by these rocky shores.


  • Devising Team: Andrew J. Hungerford, Tamara Winters, Zach Robinson, Kayla Williams, Liz Carman, Alexx Rouse
  • Sound Designer: Douglas J. Borntrager
  • Resident Stage Manager: Meghan Winter
  • Technical Director: Henry Bateman 


  • Production: The Light at the End of a World, by Know Theatre of Cincinnati
  • Dates: January 21-24, 2021
  • Where: Online, streamed from the Know Theatre of Cincinnati
  • Tickets: The standard ticket price is $20. Audiences may opt to support the Know’s initiative to pay all artists and employees a living wage by selecting the $30 Living Wage Ticket. Rush tickets, when available, may be purchased for $10 an hour before performance. 

Know Theatre is Cincinnati’s Theatrical Playground. The Know showcases unexpected voices, new works, and plays that embrace the inherent theatricality of the live experience. Know Theatre seeks to be a place where artists and audiences feel welcome to take artistic risks, creating work that is cutting edge and accessible.

 Know Theatre’s work is made possible, in part, by the generosity of community contributions to the ArtsWave Campaign. 

The Ohio Arts Council helps fund Know Theatre with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence, and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans. 

Know Theatre is also supported by The Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation, helping to change our communities for the better through collaboration and innovation, and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, which provides a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving. 

 Know Theatre is a member of Theatre Communications Group and an Associate Member of the National New Play Network. 


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