Roll Models Cincy Presents Halloween Live-Stream of Tabletop Role-Playing Game TEN CANDLES

RM_HalloweenCincinnati, OH – Roll Models Cincy presents a live-streamed recording of the popular table-top role-playing game Ten Candles, taking place on Facebook Live Saturday, October 31st at 9pm EDT, featuring founding board member Jackson Short in the role of Game Master, scenario creator Farley Norman, and players including founding board members Jeff Joecken and Andrew Bishop, as well as Lex Masula and Chloe Kaplan.

Roll Models Cincy is proud to bring our story driven role-playing game sessions to Facebook Live and the virtual community for the very first time. The Halloween Live-Stream will be our celebration of all things eerie and is our way of thanking our community of viewers and players for being with us since the pandemic began.

Engulfed in playful darkness, this FREE event begins with Character Creation at 9pm and, after a short break, the story then unfolds starting at 10pm. The live video will be streamed  at with more info on our event page at

Jackson Short, the Game Master of this adventure, had this to say about the world that will be created and explored this Saturday: “Ten Candles is one of the more ominous role-playing games in Roll Models Cincy’s arsenal of games, exploring mortality, finding hope in the darkness, and asking the question, ‘What can happen when you lose all hope?’ A major component of Ten Candles is the expectation that, by the end of the story, all characters in the world the players have traversed will perish. With each unsuccessful dice roll, characters get closer and closer to their inevitable end. While the conclusion may be grim, the journey is a freeing experience where players push the boundaries of their own reality while minding the dangers of the path ahead, fearing what may be lurking around the corner.”

The world that Farley Norman has crafted is a brand new scenario created exclusively for the Ten Candles universe. With only a short introduction, Farley  expertly crafts a hauntingly foreboding tale that, in just a few sentences, spurs players into a panic as they begin to decide the fate of their characters.

Roll Models’ first adventure into live-streaming could have no better group of players to explore Farley’s new world. Andrew Bishop and Jeffrey Joecken have been with Roll Models since the very beginning and with the addition of Roll Models regular Chloe Kaplan and newer member Lex Masula, we’re thrilled to explore this world with them and the characters they create.

Roll Models Cincy aims to educate people on the social benefits of role-playing games, connect people through easy to join gaming sessions, entertain audiences who want to engage without participating, give artists an opportunity to be creative in an open world-building environment, and create  tools to make role-playing more accessible. Roll Models Cincy hopes to be a catalyst for people of all ages to connect and engage with each other through fantastical storytelling and empathy. We hope to have an impact in progressing the role-playing artform and make RPG’s accessible for all ages and backgrounds. 


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