Ohio Performer Candice Handy in International Live Shakespeare

TSMGO_As You Like ItHandy joins The Show Must Go Online’s production of AS YOU LIKE IT

Candice Handy, a Cincinnati-based actor will be playing Oliver in AS YOU LIKE IT with The Show Must Go Online at 2pm this Wednesday. Candice Handy will be joining an international cast on Rob Myles’ Youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/OvDqG4sncrM.

Candice is a professional actor and teaching artist, originally from Birmingham, AL, currently based in Cincinnati, OH. She is a resident ensemble member of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.

The Show Must Go Online, created by actor-writer-director Rob Myles and producing partner Sarah Peachey, brings together a global cast to perform Shakespeare’s plays live and online every week in the order they were believed to have been written, for free. The first show went live on 19th March, and was the first online Shakespeare performance produced in response to COVID-19.

Casting, led by Sydney Aldridge, aims for 50/50 male/female, and actively seeks to maximize inclusion for underrepresented groups in theatre. Anyone, whether an experienced professional, amateur or recent grad, can apply from anywhere in the world, with actors coming from 6 of the 7 continents.

Each show is cast, produced and rehearsed in under a week. Since launching, over 350 actors and creatives have volunteered their time to bring 26 shows to life. All shows are performed on Zoom and streamed live to audiences around the world on YouTube, who participate in a live chat throughout the show, playing games, exchanging insights and reactions, and engaging in a wonderful shared experience. Many audience members say they’ve found a new community with The Show Must Go Online during quarantine. Since starting, The Show Must Go Online has had over 160,000 views from 60 countries around the world.

The show has driven the innovation of Zoom-theatre, and creative solutions to staging problems have been a highlight of the shows for audiences. Props, action, costume and set-pieces are created using found items, ingenuity, and inventiveness. The quality and ingenuity of The Show Must Go Online has been recognized with two OnComm Awards.

The Show Must Go Online will complete the entire cannon by November 18, with all performances staying online for free as a stunning collection of Shakespeare’s plays for the 21st century available for all to enjoy, forever.

AS YOU LIKE IT promises to continue The Show Must Go Online’s innovation and creativity in the exciting new field of live-streamed theatre.

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