trueSUFFRAGE From trueTHEATRE Going Online July 23rd


We sincerely hope all of you are safe and healthy and your friends and loved ones are, as well. Our Board Members and volunteers at True Theatre are healthy and getting by and looking forward to sharing some more stories with you!

Status of our next main-stage show:

While we seem to be on the precipice of some events being held “in-person” again (with social-distancing and other precautions in place), there has also been a lot of news about cases of COVID-19 spiking (particularly in Hamilton County). It is for your (and our and our storytellers) comfort and safety that we have opted  to hold our next show, trueSUFFRAGE (Thursday, July 23rd, 7:30PM), as scheduled, but entirely online.

trueSUFFRAGE celebrates the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution — which states that the “right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex” — by being entirely dedicated to stories of female empowerment. Be prepared to be moved and inspired!

As with our last show, trueFAKES, which you can still watch at, the show will broadcast live via Zoom (webinar format) and Facebook Live the show will be FREE.

The first 100 to register for the Zoom event will be able to take part in a poll which will affect our next season (so you definitely want to be in the Zoom audience, if you can!)
The show will be view-able after the fact, as well. In fact, because you are on our mailing list or are a current ticket-holder for trueSUFFRAGE, you are the first to be able to register for the Zoom event!

Register now by visiting:

Those of you who have already purchased tickets to trueSUFFRAGE (including subscription holders) will have the option to get a refund. We did not offer ticket-holders from our last show the option to donate the cost of their ticket to True Theatre, but some of you generously did that, anyway, so we have pre-arranged to make that possible this time, as well. NOTE: if you do nothing by close-of-business on Thursday, July 16 (one week before the show), a refund of your ticket(s) will be submitted. To expedite your refund or to donate the cost of your tickets, please contact the Memorial Hall box office during their normal business hours (Tuesday through Friday, 1-6pm at 513.977.8838).

Another alternative, if you are interested in donating your ticket-cost back to True Theatre, email and say so. We’ll coordinate the rest with the box office.

And for those of you who won, earned, or were otherwise gifted a ticket to trueSUFFRAGE, know that we will honor those tickets at a future show and will touch base with you about using those tickets as we near Season 11.

And what about Season 11?
As is our custom, we hope to announce details about our next season at our last show of this season, so there’s another reason to join us as we live-stream trueSUFFRAGE on July 23rd!

Stay true!

Thank you for your continued support of Community-building through the sharing of true, personal stories and True Theatre.

Even over the Internet, we believe that live-streaming of stories can break down walls and build bridges between people and that is why we cannot wait to bring you trueSUFFRAGE on July 23rd!

Stay healthy, stay connected, and stay true.

The Board of True Theatre
Ford Clark, Marta Hewett, David Levy, Cathy McCosham, Patrick Romelli, Jackson Short, and Ramona Toussaint


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