Cast Announced for FEAST at Know Theatre


Jennifer Joplin.

Know Theatre of Cincinnati promised you that we’d bring you breaking news before the ink on the contract was dry, and we are so excited to deliver on that promise! Starring in our upcoming season opener FEAST will be local stage star Jennifer Joplin, who has appeared previously at the Know as Terry, the spiky, struggling mom in last season’s Girl in the Red Corner (pictured at left with the cast of the show), and as Virginie, the hermit/taxidermist of 2018’s The Man-Beast. Jennifer’s one-woman show, The MILF Also Rises, premiered at the 2019 Cincinnati Fringe Festival to much acclaim and sold-out houses.

FEAST is an invitation to break bread with one of the seminal monsters of literature: Grendel’s Mother, from the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf. As her companion, you share in her hard-won victories and shattering griefs, and as she gazes on the twenty-first century with the full power of her incandescent fury and all-consuming love, she becomes a beacon of the power it takes to burn away injustice and build a better wold.

We’re not quite ready to open our Jackson Street doors again, so FEAST will be only available to watch online. We know some of you have already been dabbling in the recent digital-theatre boom, but we’re pretty sure this show isn’t going to be quite like anything you’ve seen yet.

FEAST will be available to stream August 7 – Sept 20. Tickets will be available to purchase next week!

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