Schedule Announced for FUTUREFEST 2020 at Dayton Playhouse on July 17-Aug. 6

DPH_logoDayton Playhouse’s alternative programming for FutureFest 2020 will follow the schedule listed below:

Streamed Readings

A Ghost of a Chance, by Kimberly Shimer will be available from July 17 through July 23
A talk-back with the the Author is planned for Sunday July 19 at 2 PM
Directed by Annie Pesch

Cast: Jackie Pfeifer as Evelyn Schaffer, Andrew Ian Adams as Sidney, Dave Nickel as Harry Schaffer, Carly Laurette Risenhoover-Peterson as Jenny Cuthbert, Richard Young as Dave Roseberry, Fran Pesch as Ann Jameson, Brad Bishop as WARL Announcer & Becky Milligan as Female TV Announcer/Stage Directions

The afterlife story of Evelyn, a nitpicky, obsessive, know-it-all whom, after dying, finds she can’t make it to her final resting place until she reconciles with her husband Harry. Unfortunately, because she made Harry miserable for most of their 30+ years of marriage, he’s not particularly inclined to make nice with her ghost when she pays him a visit.

The Good Deli, by Kevin Cirone will be available from July 24 through July 30
A talk-back with the author is planned for Sunday July 26 at 2 PM
Directed by Debra Kent

Cast: JULIA (JULES): Kayla Graham as Julia (Jules), Saul Caplan as Wilford, Cheryl Mellen as Dana, Jeff Sams as Max, Jared Mola as Peter, Kelli Locker as Leila & Cassandra Engber as Narrator

After visiting her estranged and ailing father in the hospital during serious health complications, a Boston comedian decides to take a road trip with her family to find the Italian deli of her father’s youth.

Before Lesbians, by Elana Gartner will be available from July 31 through August 6
A talk-back with the author is planned for Sunday August 2 at 2 PM.
Directed by Kim Warrick:

Cast: Aaron Gouge as James, Adee McFarland as Charlotte, Adonis Lemke as Henry & Shanna Camacho as Vivian

When Charlotte and Vivian meet at the courthouse in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, they are about to marry their fiancés who are leaving to fight for President Lincoln. After their husbands leave for war, Charlotte and Vivian develop a friendship through letters and visits and suddenly find themselves struggling with their growing romantic and confusing feelings for one another. In an era where women were not recognized as sexual beings and when words did not exist for women falling in love, this play represents the many women who changed history when they found love in each other during the Civil War.

Tickets for the streaming presentations will be available starting June 22. Individual productions will cost $10, and a package of all three will cost $25. Ticket buyers will receive an access link via-email in advance of each week.

The Playhouse will also be making a series of three Playwright Dialogues available on the Dayton Playhouse YouTube Channel beginning June 23. Each Playwright Dialogue features two of the FutureFest finalists in conversation about their plays, inspirations, and themes in their work. The author pairings are:

  • William Cameron and Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
  • Shanti Reinhardt and Elana Gartner
  • Kimberly Shimer and Kevin Cirone

Each session is hosted by Dayton Playhouse Board Chair Matt Lindsay and is about 30 minutes long. These will be available to view for free.

Don’t miss out on the FutureFest 2020 commemorative t-shirt, on sale until July 5 through our web site. Shipping to your home included in the $19 price.

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