Season Update from Queen City Productions

QCP logo2Hello everyone,
We just wanted to post an update on our current production of The Addams Family. We had really hoped to still be able to perform for everyone in April. Unfortunately, due to the extension of the stay at home order until May 1st, that was made impossible. But, fortunately, we have been able to reschedule for June 4th-7th. Our plan is to keep the order of shows the same.

Yellow Cast: Thursday, June 4th @ 8pm, Saturday, June 6th @ 8pm, Sunday, June 7th @ 2pm

Black Cast: Friday, June 5th @ 8pm, Saturday, June 6th @ 2pm, Sunday, June 7th @ 8pm
Tickets for these new dates are available at

We are hopeful that by this time the stay at home order will have been lifted or relaxed enough to allow us to perform for at least a small amount of patrons. Theatre 42 holds 120 seats (roughly). If restrictions extend, we will be reducing the number of available tickets per performance to whatever number will keep us in compliance with limited gathering restrictions, if any, at that time. We will not remove any physical seats so that guests attending the show can spread themselves out throughout the theater. Our recommendation to people who have friends or family in the cast and would very much like to see the show, is to purchase your tickets sooner rather than later so that you have your tickets before we would have to impose a selling limit. We will be holding out until the last possible moment to cancel or postpone the show again if that becomes something that is required. In the event of a cancellation or postponement, all purchased tickets will be eligible for a refund. If you have already purchased tickets and are unable/do not wish to attend these new dates, please email us and we can refund your tickets. If you are unable/do not wish to attend the new dates, we do ask that you consider donating your ticket purchase to Queen City Productions. As a non-profit, community theater, revenue from ticket sales is the only way we are able to continue to bring quality shows to the community.

Regardless of if, or what, restrictions are in place at the time of the performance, here are some of the things we will be doing during the run to keep our guests, cast and crew safe:

  • wipe down all counters, doors, etc with disinfectant wipes and industrial strength germicide.
  • mopping the floors in both bathrooms, lobby and house with disinfectant floor cleaner.
  • placing hand sanitizer in multiple locations around the building.
  • for tickets and concessions, only one person, who will be wearing gloves, will handle money.
  • every concession worker will be wearing gloves,and nobody who touches food or beverage will be allowed to handle any money.
  • concession and ticket counters will be wiped down after each use.
  • we will not be reusing any programs.
  • all garbage cans will be emptied nightly no matter how full.

The cast and crew are also taking their own precautionary measures such as labeling all water bottles brought in and not sharing food or beverage as well as discussing doing makeup at home to avoid touching their faces in public.

We know this is a crazy time, but we are wanting to be cautious and not paranoid. We also want to give our cast, crew and audiences something to be able to look forward to on the other side of all of this craziness. We appreciate your support and we hope to be able to bring this amazing production that we have spent so much time on already to as many of you as possible!

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