COVID-19 Update from trueTHEATRE

TRUE_logoWe are all journeying through strange and uncharted times, yet some things haven’t changed, including the importance of Community. Our mission at True Theatre has always been to build Community through the sharing of personal stories, but you may explore a myriad of ways to grow and strengthen your personal Community right now. We encourage you to remember that distance does not equal disconnectedness. We are individuals but all in this together. Things like self-care, hope, and generosity will not be canceled. We encourage you to take this time to “Be True” to yourself and others by:

Reconnecting – We hope you can take this time to reconnect with family, friends, and neighbors. Call them on the phone and once you’ve inquired about their health and needs, if you feel it’s appropriate to do so, ask them a question that you’ve never asked them before and feel the bond that is strengthened as the stories spill forth!

Finding inspiration – The buds are returning to the trees! Give yourself a (well-earned) break from whatever you’re doing and sit or take a walk outside, maybe ride a bike, and enjoy the signs of spring. Try that new recipe, pick up that book, or binge that TV show that everyone has been talking about. Surf the Internet and marvel at the number of creative ways people are finding to stay connected. Now is a good time, too, to start journaling… maybe capture the stories from your life that you haven’t thought about in a long time. We all have a storyteller in us. Feed it and it will bloom.

Sharing – What do you have that others might need? What can you share right now? We believe that sharing stories builds Community, but it is not the only thing you can share and not the only thing people need right now. On the other hand, people won’t always tell you what they need, but if you listen to their stories, you might hear it, after all.

Meanwhile, we at True Theatre are investigating ways to do our part. The fate of our May 7th storytelling show, trueFAKES, is currently in limbo, but we are exploring ways to live-stream it if a live gathering is impossible or impractical. We’ll know more after April 6 (the current end-date of the Ohio order to “shelter in place”). Also, the fundraiser that Fluidity (a “Creative Choral Community for a Cause”) was holding for us at the end of April has been postponed until June 7. We’ll be sharing more details about these and other events on our website, through our mailing list, and on our social media streams, as they are available.

As a Board, we are also meeting (online) to discuss other ways for people to share their stories right now. If you have some ideas or have any questions or are technically “live-stream savvy” and would like to help, start the conversation by writing us at

Thank you for your continued support of Community-building through the sharing of true, personal stories and True Theatre.

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