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trueCAMP on July 25

TRUE_camp logotrueCAMP
July 25
Memorial Hall [Over-the-Rhine]

It’s counselors, canoeing, and campfires… a time of innocence and innocence lost, as we remember “that one time” at “trueCAMP!”

Now in their 9th season, True Theatre continues to produce quarterly one-night-only events featuring five people, from all walks of life, sharing true, personal stories, based on the theme of the evening.

  • Thu, July 25 at 7:30pm

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Live Auditions for trueCAMP at trueTHEATRE

TRUE_logoEveryone has a story to tell and we want to hear yours! Come join us Wednesday, June 19th from 7-10pm, at the Northside Tavern to share a 5 minute version of your story idea for possible inclusion in our Season 9 finale, trueCAMP (which will be on Thursday, July 25th, at Memorial Hall).

OR JUST COME WATCH THE FUN! IT’S FREE! The stories will be shared in an open-mic fashion and the bar will be open. It’s like its own show… AND IT’S FREE TO COME WATCH!

For those of you pitching a story, you can sign up to pitch when you get there, but to guarantee your spot, contact us at https://www.truetheatre.com/true-pitch/ or pitch by phone at (513) 463-TRUE.

To prepare your pitch, think of the true, personal, camp-themed story you would want to tell at the show, and dwindle it down to 4 – 5 minutes of captivating storytelling and blow us away! If you’re chosen, you will then work with our Story Team to expand on your story for the 10-12 minute version you will eventually tell at trueCAMP!

Pitching a story at this event is not the only way you can be invited to be in the show, but it is the FIRST way and those who hesitate risk missing out on the limited spots!

We’ve compiled some answers to frequently asked questions about pitch nights here: https://www.truetheatre.com/pitch-nights, but one additional one you’ll need to know for this: we are not looking for campING stories, but CAMP stories (if there was a counselor or activity director, then you’re on the right track). We’ll gladly listen to any story you want to tell (for 5 minutes) at the Pitch Night, but for trueCAMP, we’re looking for camp-themed stories. If in doubt, just ask us!

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trueSTORM On April 25

TRUE_trueSTORM logotrueSTORM
April 25
Memorial Hall [Over-the-Rhine]

Board up your windows, a storm’s’a comin’! Five of them, in fact. Don’t forget your galoshes and umbrellas when you come to trueSTORM!

Now in their 9th season, True Theatre continues to produce quarterly one-night-only events featuring five people, from all walks of life, sharing true, personal stories, based on the theme of the evening.

  • Thu, April 25 at 7:30pm

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Storytellers Sought for trueSTORM at trueTHEATRE

TRUE_logoWho doesn’t love a good story? Who doesn’t have one of their own? You’ve got a lot of them and you know others who do, too!

Well, True Theatre is looking for people, right now, to share their stories at our upcoming show (trueSTORM) on April 25, at Memorial Hall!

We’re mostly looking for stories that approach the theme literally (stories with a weather-related storm at their center). We will entertain a metaphorical approach to the theme as well, but are leaning toward the literal, when it comes to this show.

Snow storms, lightning storms, rain, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. For some, the story is in the anticipation of the storm’s arrival. For others, it’s the actual weathering of the storm that will be what they pitch. For still others, the storm is only the beginning of their story.

What’s your story?

If you have a story that you’d like us to consider, find your way over (or send someone that you recommend) to our submission page on our website (https://www.truetheatre.com/true-pitch) or write us at stories@truetheatre.com and let us hear from you as soon as possible!

Thanks for your consideration and for helping us spread the word! We look forward to hearing from you.


Your friends at True Theatre
“Our stage. Your story.”

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trueCAR On Jan. 24

Jan. 24
Memorial Hall [Over-the-Rhine]

Take the top down and turn up the radio! It’s time to take a road trip and hear 5 great stories about something that almost everyone of us has in common: a car. Be careful when crossing the street to get your tickets for this one!

Hear stories from a small-town police chief trying to make a big difference; a mom who got the news no parent should ever receive; a man who is trying to reduce the stigma associated with addiction through song; a woman trying to address the problem by talking to kids; and a woman in recovery who is helping pave the way for others on their journeys.

  • Thu, Jan. 24 at 7:30pm

Official page |

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