Remainder of 2019-2020 Season Cancelled at Dayton Theatre Guild

DTGDear Patrons,

The Dayton Theatre Guild regrets to announce that due to the Covid-19 virus, we will be cancelling the remainder of our season. Looking at the social distancing that is occurring overseas, we anticipate the US will alter its social distancing requirements two or three month after other nations that have been dealing with this longer alter their requirements. With that expectation, we are likely seeing a return to normal sometime in the Summer or Fall.

As you might expect, there was a lot of time, money, and effort already invested in Mornings at Seven by Paul Osborn. We purchased the rights for the show, scripts, actors spent weeks preparing, our set builder had nearly finished building the entire set, and our costumers had completed sewing all the costumes and were just about to tailor them for each actor. Our loss for The Old Man and the Old Moon will be less. Fortunately, we were able to cancel auditions before they occurred. We do however, have the lost revenue from not being able to present both productions along with requested refunds. Therefore, we would like to extend the option for you to help support the Dayton Theatre Guild by changing your ticket purchase into a donation. If you would like to help by changing your ticket purchase into a donation, we would be happy to send you a donation letter. However, we will also offer a refund if you purchased tickets and would prefer a refund. Our email is and our phone number is 937-278-5993. We hope that most will take us up on the offer to change your purchase into a donation. Therefore, we will assume you would like to change your ticket purchase into a donation if we DO NOT hear from you. You only need to contact us with a message indicting you would like a refund.

Thank you for your continued patronage and we wish you all good health.

Dayton Theatre Guild

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