Improv Cincinnati is Hitting the Pause Button

IC_logoDue to the coronavirus, IC will be postponing all classes and shows until, at least, after Easter. Those who can’t delay due to scheduling conflicts will be offered a refund or class credit. Anyone who has purchased workshop registrations or show tickets will be refunded. It is our hope and intention that classes will resume on the same days and times starting on Thursday, April 16.

Why did we join the ranks of the NBA, MLS, local universities, etc? Well, we’re already experiencing students dropping classes. Show pre-sales will almost assuredly be reduced. Not to mention our class location at St. John’s Unitarian has notified us they are shutting down due to the pandemic concerns. We also checked in with our teachers, company members, and advisors, and just about everyone agrees: the safest thing we can do to mitigate the virus’ spread is social distancing.

This decision was difficult – not only because of the financial challenge to our small business, but also because the result will separate us from the community and art form we know and love.

On the bright side, we may use this as an opportunity to venture into the world of audio improv. We’re presently investigating the feasibility of holding online, audio-only classes to work on The Bat (an improv Harold in the dark) and character vocal work, and maybe some sketch or improv classes via video chat. More info on this soon. In the meantime, don’t forget performer Eric Holmes’ new audio-only improv platform called, Ooze Bear, which we plan on using during this unexpected break.

Lastly, we confess, we were both coronavirus skeptics – until certain resources turned us around. If you’re a skeptic too, consider reading and listening to the following resources:

  • Listen to this interview with an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology.

  • Read this article for the reasoning behind immediately implementing social distancing policies.

Stay healthy, everyone. We can’t wait to see you again soon.

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