Auditions Announced for THE FACE OF EMMITT TILL at Xenia Area Community Theatre

xactNovember 4 and 5 at 6:30pm

A drama by Maimee Till-Mobley and David Barr III

A true-to-life dramatization of the death of 14-year-old Emmett Till, a Chicago teenager who, while visiting relatives in Money, Miss., in August 1955, was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by two white men who claimed they wanted to teach him a lesson for allegedly whistling at a local white woman. This tragedy has been credited with sparking the modern Civil Rights Movement.

Directed by Joyce Barnes (Email questions to:

Auditions are cold readings from the script and other sides. You do not need to have a prepared monologue. Southern dialects for some characters. Please bring an acting resume if you have one. Head shots are not needed.

NEEDED: 11 M, 4 W (see below)
SHOW DATES: February 14-23, 2020

Xenia Area Community Theater
45 E Second St. 372-0516


  • Mamie Till Mobley, African-American female, 30s
  • Emmitt Till, African-American male, age 14
  • Morris Dees/Gerald Chatham, White male, 40s
  • Alma Spearman, African-American female, late 50s
  • Henry Spearman, African-American male, late 50s-early 60s
  • Roy Bryant, White male, 20s
  • Carolyn Bryant, White female, 20s
  • J. W. Milan, White male, 40s
  • Roy Wilkins/Bishop Henry Louis Ford, African-American male, 40s
  • Moses Wright, African-American male, 60s
  • A.A. Rayner/ Willie Reed, African-American male, 20s-50s
  • Maurice, African-American male, late teens
  • John Whitten/Sheriff H. C. Strider, White male, 40s-50s
  • Senator James Eastland/Judge Swango, White male, 50s
  • Mrs. Burke/Reporter, White female, 20s-30s

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