STOP KISS Opens October 11 at the Dunham Arts Center

INNOV_Stop Kiss logoInnova Theatre, Cincinnati’s exciting new theatre company is pleased to kick off its third season with STOP KISS by Diana Son, directed by Jeff Nieman.  The play contains two stories, told in parallel in alternating scenes. The first story follows Callie and Sara as they meet and develop a friendship, and then begin a romantic relationship. The other story relates how that relationship is affected by a tragic event, which is not shown on stage. It’s a moving story of love first developing and then persevering.

Stephanie Klein, who plays Callie, says. “the message of this show is so important and relevant. As an LGBTQ person, I am fully aware of the tribulations we face.” Maddy Weinkam says, “It’s sad how pertinent it still is today, but I’m so glad to get to be a part of it.”

Director Jeff Nieman says that it was important to “create a place my cast felt safe and comfortable. A place that allows me to push them emotionally to reach the depths of these characters.”

Cast members include Stephanie Klein as Callie, Mandy Weinkam as Sara, Nicholas Dunker as George, Jamie Ball as Peter, Eric Thomas as Detective Cole, Trisha Cooper as Mrs. Winsley, and Rachel A. Smith as Nurse. It is directed by Jeff Nieman and produced by Denise A. Schnieders.

Show dates are Friday through Sunday October 11-13 and 18-20 at the Dunham Community Arts Center at 1945 Dunham Way. Cincinnati 45238. Tickets are available by calling 937-802-2637 or from the website

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