Auditions Announced for FREAKY FRIDAY at Beavercreek Community Theatre

bctBeavercreek Community Theatre open auditions for FREAKY FRIDAY, a new musical.

Stage and Vocal Director: David Shough
Choreographer: Cydney Byron
Orchestra Director: Andrew Hackworth
Producer: Anne Heitker

Monday and Tuesday, July 1-2, 7-9:30pm, Beavercreek Community Theatre
Possible Call-backs July 3, 7pm, depending on need and availability.

Performance dates: August 30 – September 8, 2019.

THE SHOW: This is the area premiere of a new musical based on the book by Mary Rodgers and movies of the same title – mother and teen daughter magically switch bodies for a day, and learn about each other and themselves – with music and lyrics by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey (“Next to Normal,” “If/Then”) and book by Bridget Carpenter.
It’s an ensemble show, with nearly every actor having significant solo work, with two strong leads, mother and daughter Katherine and Ellie. These are prima roles for two strong singer/actors.

There are roles for at least 9 women, 7 men, and a 10-year-old boy (role could be played by a young girl as a boy), plus other possible teen or adult ensemble members. Please see the full description below. As usual, ages are of the character, not necessarily the actor. Race is not relevant to the story so casting will be done without regard to race.

You can read the entire script and sample the songs here:


  • Please bring a resume, if available, and a list of conflicts through September 8.
  • Please prepare a standard Broadway song that shows your range and voice. Women’s roles are all belting range; men’s roles are mostly high baritone, though Adam is more tenor. Actors reading for Katherine or Ellie should be sure to choose a song that shows their belting capability.
  • Please bring sheet music or means of playing recorded accompaniment (with no vocals). No a cappella auditions.
  • You may be asked to read from the script, so some preparation for the roles you seek is advised.
  • There will be a dance audition for those seeking teen roles as well as Katherine and Ellie.
  • Your photo may be taken at registration for casting purposes.
  • You need only attend one night but may attend both. If you cannot attend either, please contact David Shough (937-626-2674) and we’ll try to make arrangements.

THE SCHEDULE: Rehearsals begin Monday July 8 and will generally run Monday through Thursday evenings until the last week or so before opening. Since it’s summer, we will do our best to accommodate vacation schedules that are on your conflict list. Participation in FutureFest at Dayton Playhouse can likely be accommodated also for roles other than Katherine or Ellie.

(Note: Many may play additional brief characters or ensemble roles throughout.)


  • Ellie – (High School-aged, with ability to portray an adult for most of the show; could easily be played by a woman in her 20s with a young look) Lead role, singer with strong belt and vocal range. As Ellie: smart, funny, rumpled and a bit sloppy – uses humor and brash behavior to hide her sadness of having lost her father at an early age. As Katherine in Ellie’s body: decisive but wavering, trying to be the adult while fighting her teenage urges, and distressed at being treated as a child.
  • Katherine – (Mother of Ellie and Fletcher; 40s with the ability to portray a 16-year old girl for most of the show) Leading Role, singer with strong belt and vocal range – As Katherine: decisive, smart, lovely, trying to keep her family and work life together, trying to be perfect. As Ellie in Katherine’s body: Working hard to appear adult and repress her teenage brashness, and frightened.
  • Torrey – (25-40) Katherine’s assistant – a high-strung, insecure perfectionist. Strong singer with significant solo work in group numbers, including “Just One Day,” “What You Got,” and “I’m Not Myself Today.”
  • Multi-Role Woman 1 (30-50) (doubling is subject to change):
    • Ms Myers – Gym teacher, extremely intense! Lead in “Watch Your Back!”
    • Danielle – Weddings Magazine journalist – polished, grimly cheerful. Featured in “What You Got” and others.
    • Officer Sitz – police officer who never received sensitivity training. Featured in “Bring My Baby (Brother) Home”
  • Multi-Role Woman 2 (45+) (doubling is subject to change):
    • Mrs. Luckenbill – English teacher – empathetic. Featured in “Somebody Has Got To Take The Blame”
    • Grandma Helene – Katherine’s mother – fiercely opinionated, caring. Some solo work in group numbers.
    • Mrs. Time – antique shop proprietor – apathetic, doesn’t much like teenagers (speaking role).
    • Hannah – (High School-aged) Ellie’s best friend – intense, emotional, lacks confidence. Solos in numerous songs and scene work with Ellie.
    • Gretchen – (High School-aged) Also Ellie’s best friend – hacker-geek, self-described nerd. Solos in numerous songs and scene work with Ellie.
    • Savannah – (High School-aged) The mean girl – “I’m smarter than sin; I’m rich and I’m thin.”
    • Laurel – (High School-aged) Friend of Savannah, unimpressed.


  • Adam – (High School-aged) The “Listmaster” – a paragon of adorable cool. Ellie’s crush. Adam likes Ellie and loves Katherine’s sandwiches. Solo number: “Women and Sandwiches,“ featured in “Go” and other songs.
  • Mike – (40s) Katherine’s nanc – confident, charming, kind. Solo ballad: “Vows” and featured in other songs and scenes.
  • Fletcher – (Ten years old) Ellie’s younger brother, eccentric, naive; obsessed with his puppets. Teases Ellie. Small solos in several songs. Could be played by a young girl as a boy.
  • Parker – (High School-aged) Ellie’s friend – completely average, best friends with Wells. Solos in numerous songs and scene work with Ellie.
  • Wells – (High School-aged) Ellie’s friend – dorky but not meek, best friends with Parker. Solos in numerous songs and scene work with Ellie.
  • Louis – (teen – 20s) the magazine photographer. Featured in “What You Got” and others. Actor will also likely play a high school student friend of Savannah.
  • Multi-Role Man 1 (40+) (doubling is subject to change):
    • Grandpa Gordon – Katherine’s father – grumpy, stubborn, old-school. Various solos in company numbers
    • Mr. Blumen – Biology teacher, a cynical lifer.
    • Senor O’Brien – Spanish teacher – argumentative and quarrelsome. Featured in “Somebody Has Got to Take the Blame.”
  • Multi-Role Man 2 (35-45) (doubling is subject to change):
    • Dr. Ehrin – School counselor, test obsessed and overworked. Featured in “Somebody Has Got to Take the Blame.”
    • Officer Kowalski – police officer who never received sensitivity training. Featured in “Bring My Baby (Brother) Home”
    • Pastor Bruno – cheerful, loves weddings (speaking role).

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