Cast Announced for THE CRUCIBLE at The Regular Theatre

trt_logoDirected by Hannah Sgambellone, THE CRUCIBLE runs July 26-28.

The cast includes:

  • Micah Price as Reverend Parris
  • Kiya Fix as Betty Parris & Marshall Willard
  • Kayla Washington as Tituba
  • Anna Masla as Susanna Walcott
  • Tess Chadwick as Abigail Williams
  • Cassie Delicath as Mrs. Putnam & Deputy Governor Danforth
  • Tanner McDole as Thomas Putnam
  • Meaghan Vaders as Mercy Lewis
  • Kelsey Schwarber as Mary Warren
  • Kyle Parker Daniels as John Proctor
  • Sam Martini as Giles Corey
  • Caroline Conard as Rebecca Nurse
  • Grant Zentemeyer as Reverend Hale
  • Taylor Maas as Elizabeth Proctor
  • Rachel Baker as Francis Nurse
  • Molly Bernfeld as Ezekiel Cheever
  • Michael Rowlett as Judge hathorne
  • Julia Kempf as Sarah Good

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