Cast Announced for THE WIZARD OF OZ at Brookville Community Theatre

BVCT_logoCongratulations to the cast of the Brookville Community Theatre’s production of THE WIZARD OF OZ.

The cast includes:

  • Dorothy: Elainah Skaroupka
  • Scarecrow/Hunk: Adonis Lemke
  • Tinman/Hickory: Kendal Garrett
  • Lion/Zeke: Mark Van Luvender
  • Aunt Em/Ensemble: Sheryl Koontz
  • Glinda: Callista Kinney
  • Uncle Henry/Winkie General/Nikko/Ensemble: Bill Bicknell
  • Almira Gulch/The Wicked Witch of the West: Jenna Vance
  • Professor Marvel/Oz Guard/The Wizard of Oz: Bill Stewart
  • Munchkin Mayor/Flying Monkey: Jonah Sievers
  • Munchkin Coroner: Danikah Skaroupka
  • City Official #1: Payton Overcash
  • City Official #2: Jenna Wissinger
  • Lollipop Guild/Munchkin Braggart: Graysen Cherry
  • Lollipop Guild/Munchkin #1/Flying Monkey: Clark Dues
  • Lullaby League/Munchkin #2: Davy Newhart
  • Lullaby League/Munchkin Ensemble: Genevieve Dues
  • Lullaby League/Munchkin Ensemble: Emily Etter
  • Crow/Oz Man #2/Winkie Guard/Ensemble: Josh Wissinger
  • Crow/Winkie Guard/Ensemble: Brandon Brigeman
  • Oz Woman #1/Winkie Guard/Ensemble: Debbi Robbins
  • Oz Woman #2/Ensemble: Alyssa Jenkins
  • Tree/Girls Chorus/Ensemble: Lindsay Hinds
  • Tree/Girls Chorus/Ensemble: Jessica Booth
  • Tree/Winkie Guard/Ensemble: Kate Gaston
  • Girls Chorus/Winkie Guard/Ensemble: Alissa Zapiecki
  • Winkie Guard/Ensemble: Katherine Bicknell
  • Ensemble: Erica Flory, Laura Robbins, Kailee Hoskins, Jasmine Ravenscraft, Paige Van Luvender, Debbi Robbins
  • Munchkin Ensemble: Eliza Sievers, Kaylee Haupt, Bailey Harrigan, Skylar Sabin, Brooklyn Nawroth, Ellie Grimes

Performances run June 27-July 14.

For more information visit


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