Auditions Announced for Staged Reading of HAVABERGER’S DISEASE at Troy Civic Theatre

TROY_logoPlaywright and director Todd Bryant is seeking 13 actors (6 male, 6 female, 1 either gender) interested in participating in a staged reading of his original comedy, HAVABERGER’S DISEASE. There will be 2 rehearsals (to be determined), with the reading taking place on January 19, 2019.

Auditions will be Monday and Wednesday, November 12th and 14th at 7 pm at the Barn in the Park, and will consist of cold readings from the script. Please note: There will not be auditions on Tuesday, November 13th.

Dr. Lindsey Zigler is a brand new doctor who comes across a patient with all of his life’s priorities out of whack – he cares more about his job than his family. She hatches a plan to tell the patient he has a rare disease, giving him only months to live. The original idea is to wait a week or so, then simply tell the patient that there was a glitch in the lab testing. Her hope is that, in the meantime, he will re-think his priorities, fix his relationships, and then be overjoyed when he finds out he is actually healthy after all. What could go wrong? An off-the-rails comedy about focusing on what is important in life.


  • Dr. Lindsey Zigler: Female, late 20s, new doctor (major)
  • Daniel Zigler: Male, mid 20s, Lindsey’s brother (major)
  • Julie Frampton: Female, mid 20s, Daniel’s girlfriend (major)
  • JP Peterson: Male, 20s-30s (major)
  • Pierre St. Martin: Male, late 40s – early 60s (supporting)
  • Evelyn St. Martin: Female, late 40s – early 60s (supporting)
  • Michelle St. Martin: Female, 15-17 (supporting)
  • Mary Miller: Female, 50s-60s (bit)
  • Restaurant Host: Any (bit)
  • Viktor: Male, 50s-60s (supporting)
  • Kaz: Male, 20s-30s (supporting)
  • Mrs. Berry: Female, 40s-80s (bit)
  • Lester Finkelstein: Male, 30s-50s (bit)

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