DH_logoThe Dinsmore Homestead in Burlington KY is looking for actors to portray historical characters for their Halloween event, “Death and Dying on the Dinsmore Farm.” The historical event will include tours of the Dinsmore Homestead and Graveyard.

At different points on the tour, actors will perform scripted five minute vignettes.  Actors are expected to have their vignettes memorized.  There will likely be 2 or 3 tour groups per hour.  Costumes are being provided, actors will need to give their measurements.  The event is Saturday October 27 and Sunday, October 28 from 1pm-5pm, with call times prior.

There will be one dress rehearsal, yet to be scheduled.

Available Roles:

James Dinsmore. Male. Stage age 70. Patriarch of the Dinsmore Homestead, scientific farmer and slaveowner. The actor playing James will perform his vignette at the Dinsmore Homestead Graveyard, which is a short uphill walk from the house.  In the short scene James is at the burial of Coah, and elderly enslaved gentleman who died in 1862.

Julia Dinsmore. Stage age 30-40.  Poet and author.  Ran the homestead on her own for decades. In Julia’s scene she is at the bedside of her father, knowing she’ll be expected to take over the farm.

This is not a paid event but there will be dinner provided for the volunteers at the end of each day.

If interested, or for more information, email Cathy Collopy. or call (859) 491-3916.

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