Assistant Director/Stage Manager Needed for WITHROW SOUNDS AGAIN at Withrow High School

WUHS_logoWithrow High School is looking for an experienced Assistant director/stage manager for its upcoming May 2019 Centennial Production of “Withrow Sounds Again!” A large variety show involving over 100 participants and a 50 piece orchestra. Rehearsals will begin in late January 2019. The show dates are; May 9th, 10th, and 11th.
We would like to have this person onboard for the show auditions in October of 2018.

If you are interested, please private message me, Zachery Riggins, on Facebook..or submit your resume to:

See description below…

Thank you,

Zachery Riggins

Director and Producer of “Withrow Sounds Again!”


Pre-Rehearsal Preparation:

  • Knowing the rehearsal and stage layout
  • Understanding the ground plan of the set
  • Should acquire all rehearsal props that are needed in rehearsals
  • Sending out the rehearsal Schedule to the actors
  • Create a contact sheet with information on everyone in the production

First Rehearsal:

  • Have the actors fill out emergency contact forms and other information needed by the production team
  • Assigning scripts to everyone in the production
  • Make detailed notes on the blocking of the production
  • Make sure the production team members who need to explain the set, costumes, directors concept, and more
  • First read through of show SM reads the stage directions
  • Responsible for the well being & safety of everyone and should have basic first aid kit at all rehearsals

Rehearsal Period:

  • Responsible for any questions or changes the director thinks of during rehearsal to bring up during Production Meetings
  • SM’s are responsible for following along the script or music, prompting when actors forget their lines and taking line notes
  • Monitor time to make sure company get their breaks at specific intervals (more important when working in Equity)
  • Noting any changes or edits to the script or music
  • Responsible for creating the running script that includes tech cues that are used by the SM
  • Writing daily rehearsal reports that detail what happened in rehearsal that day and what notes, if any, the Sm/director have for the production team. Then distributing distribute it to all production team members
  • Collecting the bios for the actors and production team for the show’s programs
  • Responsible for contacting anyone who is running late to rehearsal without notifying the SM
  • Most rehearsals are closed, meaning no one outside of the production is welcome, and it is the SM’s job to enforce this
  • Creating a callboard for the actors to sign in during tech rehearsals and performance
  • Creating cue sheets for everyone taking cues from the SM during the show (Sound usually makes it own separate cue sheets the SM is not responsible for)
  • Running tech rehearsals with other aspects of the production team (Lights, sound, set, costumes, etc)

Design Meetings:

  • Not always present but all decisions made need to be communicated to SM to ensure all production team are informed of what happened during the meetings

Production meetings:

  • Responsible for running the meeting
  • Maintaining a healthy environment for communication
  • Documenting all discussions and decisions
  • Ensuring attendance of all production team
  • Ensuring the meeting accomplishes everything on the docket within the allotted amount of time
  • Sending the Production Meeting Report forms that detail discussions and decisions made to production team members


  • Responsible for making sure actors are on time to rehearsal and contacting them if they are running late
  • Working with house managers to deal with unexpected events (tornadoes, delays, technical difficulties)
  • Knowing responsibilities during emergencies
  • Responsible for creating a performance log for each show that details any technical, artistic, or temperament problems that arose during the run.


  • Making sure all production members attend strike
  • Making sure all rented or borrowed material is separated from the rest of the set at returned to its lender
  • Knowing what set pieces, props, and costumes will be saved and which will be destroyed and making sure the collect pieces that are saved and destroyed.

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