Casting Call for Short Videos for KPG Creative

KPG Creative is producing a series of short videos intended for on-line promotion of a new long-range baby monitoring system. Drawing upon a few real-life scenarios, we will create a series of side-by-side comparisons that prove how the featured device is the obvious choice over the other.

1st time parents to be who may be currently making the decision of which monitoring system to purchase.

This system gives users the range, battery life, and monitoring features they need to retain those precious extra moments of freedom around the house.

The device’s manufacturer will use these videos on their website as on-line marketing tools.

The creative treatment calls for 2 couples who will be playing the roles of new parents. Since they are the focus of these pieces, their children are not directly seen. Life-like dolls will be utilized in lieu of casting infants. Hence, baby-handling skills are a plus, but not at all required. In addition to the 4 adults, we will also need 6 extras to play their friends.

Since the finished media will be driven by a voiceover, there will be no script that requires memorization up front. Actors may be prompted to deliver very short lines simply to add context while playing out certain scenarios, but these are considered non-speaking roles. We are looking for players that are facially expressive to aid in conveying the message.

All actors should appear to be in the age range of late 20’s to mid 30’s. The client has not specified any roles be of specific ethnicity. Average height and average build are ideal. The 10 roles to be filled are:

Scenes 1 – 4

  • MomA – DadA
  • MomB – DadB

Scene 2

  • Extra1(M) -Extra2(M)
  • Extra3(M) -Extra4(M)

Scene 3

  • Extra5(F) -Extra6(F)

Scene 1) Family A and family B will be entering their homes with baby carriers. Very brief lifestyle shots of carrying the babies in & laying them into cribs will be captured.

Scene 2) Dads A & B are seen exiting their homes with eyes on the neighbor’s man-cave/garage across the street… where a group has gathered to watch a sporting event. Thanks to his long- range baby monitor, Dad A can cross the street to join his fellow sports fans and still keep an eye on his sleeping baby. Dad B is sadly stuck on the porch.

Scene 3) Moms A & B are enjoying a night of games and laughter in a back-yard patio setting with some friends. Mom A is alerted that her baby is stirring, but can trigger some soothing white noise remotely… and return to enjoying her evening. Mom B doesn’t have that capability with her system… and has to run inside.

Scene 4) Couple A & Couple B are worn out from a long day of parenting and looking to relax on the couch with the assistance of some on-demand TV. Couple B has to call it quits since their baby monitor’s battery has run out of power. Meanwhile, Couple A can catch one more episode of their favorite show since their monitor’s battery is still going strong.

Tentatively, we have set production dates for the week of April 16th. We are targeting Wednesday the 18th and Thursday the 19th, holding Friday the 20th in case of bad weather. Players auditioning for the roles of Moms & Dads would need to be available for all 3 dates, while extras only need to be available for 2. Call times and production schedules will not be finalized until the week of production, based upon forecasted weather.

Interested actors who meet the criteria outlined above should contact the project’s casting director via Please include “Baby Monitor Video” in the subject line of your submission. Any headshots (need not be professional) would be appreciated. Please include a brief description of your acting experience and how you learned about this project.

Thank you for you interest in this production! – The KPG Creative Team


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