Playhouse South Plans Move to Springboro

March 5, 2018
Jordan Lopez


Exciting News from Playhouse South!

Playhouse South Community Theatre is proud to announce that our program will be moving to the beautiful city of Springboro!

Tentatively in Spring of 2019, Playhouse South will be located in a permanent home in Springboro to help fulfill the need for more performing arts in the area. We have been closely working with our friend, and City Manager, Chris Pozzuto to better our relationship with the city. Below, you can see the Memorandum of Understanding, signed by both Chris and our president, Jim Brown.

With this being said, ROCK OF AGES, which performs in May, will be our last show in our current location. Our first and last show of the 2018-2019 season will be SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK LIVE! in Springboro at North Park. From then, until our new home is available, we will be taking the time to revamp our program. Our board and members agree that this is the perfect opportunity to properly prepare for the future of Playhouse South.

We want to thank the city of Kettering for all they have done for us. We have truly enjoyed our time there, and we look forward to seeing all our loyal audience members in our new theater!

We have created a FAQ page for any questions you may have. If you wish to speak with us further, please fill out a contact form on our site, or contact

Thank you for your continued support of the arts and Playhouse South!



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