Auditions Announced for CHESS at Playhouse South

PS_logo2Auditions are Monday September 18 and Tuesday September 19 at 7 PM with callbacks on Wednesday September 20 at 7 PM.

Playhouse South
3750 Far Hills Ave
Kettering, Ohio 45429

Director: Carrie Thurston
Assistant Director: Jenni Cypher
Music Director: Andrew Hackworth
Choreography: Nick Bellmyer

Please prepare a one minute musical style song, not from the musical Chess. Please make sure that the selection showcases your vocal range and ability. Ladies, a song that shows off your ability to belt is highly encouraged. An accompanist, CD player and speakers will be provided. Be prepared to do cold readings from the script, and a

Please bring a list of ALL conflicts from September 20 through November 12. The show runs November 4-12. Please contact Carrie Thurston at or Jenni Cypher at with any questions.

Chess is used as a metaphor for romantic rivalries and the US-Soviet rivalry during the Cold War. The main characters form a love triangle: the ill-mannered American Grandmaster, the intense Russian champion who plans on defecting to the West, and the Hungarian-American female chess second, who arrives at the international championships with the American but falls in love with the Russian. From Bangkok to Budapest, the players, lovers, politicians and spies all struggle to get the upper-hand.


  • FLORENCE – strong belt voice (to E). Born in Hungary has been brought up in America since 1956. She is clever, theatrical, touching, vivacious, volatile. Frederick’s chess “second.”
  • FREDDIE – Rock tenor (to C). Mid-thirties. An American chess champion. A cross between Bobby Fisher and John McEnroe. Arrogant and temperamental, but a genius; his chess playing revolutionary. We need to see his artistry along with his danger and his obsessiveness.
  • ANATOLY – Baritone (to G sharp). A Russian chess champion. Unexpectedly charming. He doesn’t seem a romantic hero at first, but becomes one through his personality. An intelligent, feeling, passionate man.
  • MOLOKOV – Bass (down to F sharp). Fifties. Not a fake, comic, stage Russian. Intellectually formidable. Seemingly a father figure to Florence. Anatoly’s chess “second.” An actor who sings well.
  • SVETLANA – Strong belt voice. Anatoly’s wife. Domestic, wholesome, homey. A dramatic contrast to Florence – not a contemporary cosmopolitan woman.
  • WALTER – Bass-Baritone (down to G sharp). A marketing agent. Seemingly respectable, substantial, trustworthy. An actor who sings well.
  • ARBITER – rock high baritone (up to A). International businessman. Smooth, but with a quick temper.
  • JOE

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