Casts Announced for 13 DEAD DREAMS OF EUGENE and A ZOMBIE ODYSSEY at Know Theatre of Cincinnati

KTC_13 Dreams of Eugene promoTickets will go on sale later this week for the spooky, experimental, and utterly Fringey double-bill of 13 DEAD DREAMS OF EUGENE from Paul Strickland & Erika Kate MacDonald and A ZOMBIE ODYSSEY from Ricky Coates & Sadie Bowman!

13 DEAD DREAMS OF EUGENE comes to us from Paul Strickland & Erika Kate MacDonald, perennial Cincy Fringe hitmakers who never disappoint in their theatricality or creativity.

This unsettling shadow play with music is based on a true story, and was originally developed for the Minnesota Horror Fest in 2016!

1929, a dead body is found and placed on display in hopes of identification. That’s when the “Dead Dreams” began.  Experience the shared recurring nightmares that haunted the sleepy town of Sabina OH, and the stranger-than-fiction story of “Eugene.”

KTC_Ides of Undead March promoRunning in rep with 13 DEAD DREAMS OF EUGENE is A ZOMBIE ODYSSEY, a spooky and unexpected trilogy about the humanity of a zombie that’s a unique blend of physical theater and radio drama, unfolding in 3 episodes.

It’s puppets, robots, philosophy, fights, blood, guts, sex, and dark laughsfrom Ricky Coates, the artist behind the 2016 Cincy Fringe’s Tesla ex Machina and Sadie Bowman, a longtime Fringe artist (who Fringe fans know & love as the former face of the Channel Fringe Hard-Hitting Action News Update!)

These two thrillers take over the Know MainStage October 21 – November 4.
Tickets will go on sale later this week!


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