THE FULLY MONTY Runs Aug. 12-27

TC_Full Monty promo1THE FULLY MONTY
The Carnegie
Aug. 12-27

Directed by Matthew Wilson
Music directed by Xan Jeffery
Choreographed by Jay Goodlett

Cast: Zachary Huffman as Jerry, Sean Mette as Dave, R. Deandre Smith as Horse, Brian Anderson as Harold, Robert Breslin as Ethan, Kelcey Steele as Malcolm, Sherry McCamley as Jeanette, Lormarev Jones as Georgie, Aubrey Wilson as Vickie, Peanut Edmonson as Nathan, Sara Kenny as Pam, Jesse Lawrence as Keno/Ensemble, Spenser Smith as Teddy/Ensemble, Stephen Welch as Tony/Ensemble, Don S. Wong as Minister/Ensemble, BJ Simpson as Reg/Ensemble, Courtni Nicolacci as Susan/Ensemble, Sarah Willis as Estelle/Ensemble, Kathryn Klens as Molly/Ensemble & Jules Shumate as Joanie/Ensemble

THE FULL MONTY tells the story of a band of steelworkers from Buffalo, NY who lose their jobs when the mill closes. The men cook up a hilarious scheme to reinvigorate their bank accounts and self-confidence by becoming a male striptease act, but it won’t be easy. Between learning to dance, dealing with body issues, and revealing the plan to their wives, the men must expose more than their bare-bottoms to make the plan a reality.

  • Sat, Aug. 12 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, Aug. 13 at 3pm
  • Fri-Sat, Aug. 18-19 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, Aug. 20 at 3pm
  • Fri-Sat, Aug. 25-26 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, Aug. 27 at 3pm

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