2016-2017 Orchid Awards for Tri-County Players


  • Excellence in House Judy Berrens & Sharon Buchtman
  • Excellence in Décor Sharon Buchtman & Ivory Mazur
  • Excellence in Acting Michael Dean Conley
  • Excellence in Acting Laila B Hameen
  • Excellence in Program Art Nancy Hughes
  • Excellence in Costume Design Elizabeth Smith
  • Excellence in Producing The Weird Sisters
  • Excellence in Set Design Ivory Mizur
  • Excellence in Stage Management Tatiana Godfrey
  • Excellence in Direction Ivory Mazur
  • Excellence in Ensemble Ivory Mazur & Cast
  • Excellence in Overall Technical Quality The Weird Sisters & Crew
  • Excellence in Sound Execution Timothy Mullen

  • Excellence in Choreography Garrett Klaas
  • Excellence in Musical Performance Holly Sauerbrunn
  • Excellence in Musical Performance ElizabethHickerson
  • Excellence in Program Art Tony Doench
  • Excellence in Musical Direction Dennis Betz


  • Excellence in Acting Elaine Michael
  • Excellence in Acting Reva Schell
  • Excellence in Acting Sandy Sclueter
  • Excellence in Costume Design Elaine Michael & Beth Smith

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