CFF17: My Fringe Schedule: Day 4

Much to do today before I head down to OTR. (Mabel can’t drive herself to the dog park dont’ cha know.) Short and sweet, today I am seeing:

CFF_Busted BumpersBUSTED BUMPERS AND OTHER METAPHORS, written and perfomed by local performer Alexx Rouse. Rouse may be the first FringeNext entrant (2012-YOU WILL HAVE 25 MINUTES) who graduated into the primary line-up.

We all have those friends who tell us every detail about their lives. That person isn’t usually your father. Told in entries taking place on the car rides to school, BUSTED BUMPERS AND OTHER METAPHORS is a heartfelt, funny one woman show about what it’s like to realize that maybe your perfect nuclear family isn’t exactly all it’s cracked up to be. So hop in the car with Alexx. There’s White Castle in here.

CFF_Fight for 52 logoAlso in 2012, Howard Petrick made his first appearance at the Cincy Fringe with BREAKING RANK! His entry this year is called FIGHT FOR 52¢:

V. R. Dunne’s whole life and character had prepared him for the Minneapolis truck drivers strike of 1934. The workers knew him as a good organizer, who smoked union-made cigarettes, was fond of the movies, didn’t get drunk, and was honest. He never raised his voice or wrote someone off without giving them a chance. The men followed his leadership and many of them, if the occasion offered, would be willing to die for him.

CFF_HomeBen Dudley, best know for his unique sense of humor, offers a psychological thriller this year with HOME:

Rachel struggles to write her next book after a home invasion leaves her unable to feel safe. Hoping to work in peace, she takes a job watching a vacationing couple’s apartment, but is distracted by a suspicious neighbor, Tasha. Slowly, both women become convinced something nefarious happened to the Coopers. From the artists responsible for BOO-BOO (2016) and OCCUPATIONAL PLEASURES (2015) comes a psychological thriller told through text and live sound effects.

Directed by Buz Davis, the cast includes David Levy, Mark Bowen, Tricia Allen & Leah Strasser.

CFF_Spy in the House of Men_1x1From Rochester, NY is SPY IN THE HOUSE OF MEN, written and performed by Penny Sterling:

Forgo the frill, abandon pretension, and dig in for 50 minutes of humble and humorous insight as Penny Sterling relates the very true story of her fictitious life as a man, and her true life as a transgender woman. Rochester comedienne, parent, TV producer/director, improv artist, storyteller, and now informant, Penny will report the findings from her 54 years as a SPY IN THE HOUSE OF MEN.

CFF_Sumantran RhinoClosing out my night is SUMATRAN RHINO presented in partnership with local Hugo West Theatricals:

At one time, the numbers of the Sumatran Rhinoceros were in the thousands. The count has now dwindled to under a hundred. Our conservation efforts are being met with criticism, as there are ethical concerns, and we would like an opportunity to answer them. Please attend our conference as we explore the aspects of these issues and explain why this species is so vital. 

Written by Michael Douglas Hall and directed by Greg Proccacino, the cast includes Darnell Pierre Benjamin & Burgess Byrd.

There are 23 performances today. Make a trip down to Over-the-Rhine today and join the weirdness.

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