ZELDA AND HADLEY: TOGETHER AT LAST at the 2017 Cincinnati Fringe Festival

CFF_Zelda and Haldey_1x1A radio show revenge dramedy inspired by infidelity

E Cubed Productions makes their Cincinnati Fringe Festival debut with ZELDA AND HADLEY: TOGETHER AT LAST performing at the Arts Academy Commons, 1212 Jackson St.

The entirely fictional absolutely true story of what happens when F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway’s wives have had enough of their husbands’ philandering ways and get even with a radio drama. To begin, the audience decides which literary masterpiece to tackle. The ladies then improve that story by playing all the characters, creating all the sound effects, and reminding the audience that “hell hath no fury…” Also, there’s gin.
Rated: PG 13.

E Cubed Productions is the brainchild of Eileen Elizabeth Earnest. This is, of course, how she ended up with a production company called E Cubed. She is an Executive Member of OTRimprov, Co-Manager of ComedySportz Cincinnati, and 50% of the Sketchy Dames Comedy Troupe. She has performed with Know Theatre, Falcon Theater, Hugo West Theatricals, Carnegie, Human Race Theatre Co, and Landmark Productions.

The inspiration for ZELDA AND HADLEY: TOGETHER AT LAST came from the desire to see strong, women-led shows. Realizing that she didn’t need to wait for someone else to write a show for talented, funny, brassy women-because she freaking is one-she wrote it her own damn self. While this is Eileen’s first Fringe production as writer and director, she has performed with OTRimprov and was featured in last year’s Fringe offering, Furlesque. Eileen thanks her talented cast for their time and dedication and you for supporting live theatre. This much and more.


Elizabeth Chinn Molloy as Hadley Richardson
Elizabeth is making her Fringe debut! A native of Cincinnati, Elizabeth has performed with various theatres throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, including Concert: Nova, New Edgecliff Theatre, and Falcon Theater. Most recently, Elizabeth had the opportunity to travel the country as a touring actor with MadCap Puppets. Elizabeth is a graduate of Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. As always, she would like to thank her friends and family for their continued support and encouragement, especially Eileen, in all her Upper Echelon glory!

Why I signed on for this particular Fringe Show: Eileen said she was writing a Fringe show, and she asked if I would be interested in being in it. I said yes.

Alison Rampa as Zelda Fitzgerald
Alison is delighted to be making her scripted Fringe debut in this new and original work. Alison is a cast member of OTRimprov and ComedySportz Cincinnati where she gets to regularly flex her improv chops at the Know Theater, Below Zero Lounge, Memorial Hall and beyond. She is also part of Sketchy Dames a two woman sketch and improv group whose mission is to change the world through pretty dresses and funny make em ups. Her day job is teaching 8th grade Reading and English at Wilson Middle School in Hamilton. She’d like to thank Eileen for this opportunity, her husband Justyn for letting
her out of the house several nights in a row and her three year old Ozzy for being the best little monster a mom could ask for. Rawr.

Why I signed on for this particular Fringe Show: This show allows me the great honor of playing a strong vibrant woman, while working with equally strong vibrant women in an interesting genre.


Scott Miller- Stage Manager
This is Scott’s first foray in stage management for Fringe and he is doing an amazing job. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that he is the best stage manager ever. This stage is so well managed that it has conformed to his every whim, has always been on time, and has never talked back even once. Scott hopes to participate in future Fringe shows and is  available for parties. He accepts payment in donuts—sweet, delicious, cuddly donuts. He’d like to thank the little people, but he doesn’t know who any of them are. Most especially, Scott looks forward to continuing to speak about himself in the third person, much to the dismay of his doting wife.

Why I signed on for this particular Fringe show: My wife made me do it, that, and the donuts.

Art Academy Commons-1212 Jackson St. 45202

  • Mon 6/5-6:30pm
  • Wed 6/7-8:30pm
  • Thu 6/8-7:45pm
  • Sat 6/10-3:30pm

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