Casting Call Announced for Web Series Pilot FIXATE

MISC_Casting call2Production Title: FIXATE
Production Type: Independent Web Series Pilot
Pilot Episode Length: 22 minutes
Production Company: Dost-ov Films
Director/Producer: Blaise Weller
Filming/Filmographer: Andrew Casson, Matt Baker
Casting Director: Blaise Weller/Corrie Danieley
Audition Location: Northern Kentucky University, Fine Arts
Shooting Location: Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati Area
Compensation: To Be Determined
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union



Auditions: (IN PROCESS.  Monday thru Wednesday until May 24.)  All auditions will be given a specific time and should take no more than an hour.): Open Parts include Tommy, Katie, Eddie, Detectives, and Cop. Immediate upon scheduling
Call Backs: Within one week after audition
Shooting Starts: Currently in production
Shooting Ends: August

Synopsis: FIXATE is a character-driven, psychological thriller, short web series (with the capacity to expand) concerning a group of stalkers trying to stop their obsessive behavior toward others, while among them lurks a serial killer.

Character BIOS:
[Tommy] African American Female, 25-35. Outgoing, bold, defiant, defensive.  Partner to Tina. She can be overbearing towards Tina, but thinks she is acting out of love, overly protective.  She has trouble admitting her behavior is troublesome. Ultimately, she wants to protect Tina and herself from the world and any harm or evil.  She trusts unconditionally, is loyal and tough.  She does not put up with any shit from anyone.

[Tina] Female, 22-30.  Not quite shy, but quiet.  Strong with Tommy, has a bit of timidity with others connected to a secret she is holding from everyone including Tommy.  She is a bit more open toward outsiders and emotionally, can hurt more than Tommy.  More kind-hearted, but less affectionate than Tommy.  Disturbed by both her and Tommy’s stalking compulsion.

[Katie] Female, 25-30.  Seemingly shy, and somewhat to herself, but one not quite succumbing to low self-esteem.  She does not try or want to fool herself.  She desires genuine love, but desires freedom from turmoil more so.  Wonders if possible.  Can come off as cute, though she no longer cares about this.  She is not in denial about her obsession, but has come to an understanding that she can’t stop which saddens her.  Has had a series of bad relationships.  Holds a deep sadness she is caught in this somewhat self-inflicted turmoil and desires mostly freedom from it.  Direct, lightly flirtatious.

[Harlan] Male, 35-40, Caucasian.  Dry, tough, could care less about appearances, private detective, although his clientele are few, mostly unknown.  Able to speak his mind, but does so bitingly.  Holds inside until he can’t.  Unlikely to put up with any shit from anyone.  Often comes off as cruel, seemingly to protect something buried inside.  Socially backward.  His motivation is unclear as to what he is protecting and what he cares about.  Secretly, he is trying to make up for past misdoings and harbors a deep guilt.

[Robert] Male, 30-40.  Confident, almost overly self-assured therapist.  At times intimidating, and unafraid to, but carefully delivers the truth.  Very caring on the outside.  Occasionally he grows tired of being challenged or having his authority questioned.  Married with one child.

[Eddie] Male, 30-35, Caucasian.  Non-confident, intelligent, somewhat shaken, obsessed with his wife and wanting to return to marriage state of bliss he deeply believes in.  Teeters, mostly in a state of denial, unwilling to give up on what has already sailed away. Wonders at the value of life without her, why it could or should ever be this way.

[William] Male, 50.  Prisoner.  Cocksure, biting sarcasm.  Brother to Harlan.  Uses humor to bite and protect himself and is fully aware he does it.  Ambiguous as to why he is in prison, but talks freely of the past, often in a sadistic manner toward his brother.

[Detective One]  Male, 40-55.  Very concerned about what he does.  Experienced enough to know how the world and desires to “fix” it does not always work.  He is not easily fooled, but never had the breaks or education given to him.  He is self-made, self-taught, very intelligent, outgoing, thoughtful, tough and caring.  He worries his younger detective is not intelligent, willing, and open enough to do the job.

[Detective Two]  Male, 25-35.  A bit too cocksure, somewhat of a maverick, thinks he knows more than the world and his partner detective can understand.  He wants to do things his way.  He is not stupid, but walks a line between his cock-sure attitude biting him in the ass and discovery that the world may be too dark and complicated for him to hold his confidence at the level where he operates.  He is not too stupid to understand this.

[Cocky Cop]  Male, 25-30.  Boyfriend to Katie.  Promiscuous, needing his confidence stroked through women.  He doesn’t want to be a complete dick, but can’t stop himself for his need to have his ego stroked.  He is not an idiot.  He wants to do good, but also has an emotional immaturity.  Hero-complex.


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