Cast Announced for NATURAL CAUSES at The Drama Workshop

TDW_VERTThe Drama Workshop is very pleased to announce the cast for its upcoming production of NATURAL CAUSES, written by Eric Chappell, directed by Ray Lebowski, and produced by Ray Persing.

We were gratified by the terrific turnout for auditions, and really appreciate everybody taking the time to come out and share their talents with us. Unfortunately, there are only so many roles in any show. Very qualified actors with good auditions, including close friends, sometimes don’t get cast because the ensemble works better with a different choice. Everybody gave great reads, and we’re looking forward to seeing everybody back at a TDW audition very soon!

The cast of NATURAL CAUSES is:

  • Walter Bryce – Eric Thomas
  • Vincent – Jeff Nieman
  • Celia Bryce – Rusty Lacy
  • Angie – Elizabeth Beatty
  • Withers – Glenn Schaich

We are still looking to fill some designer, backstage crew, and front-of-house positions for the show. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact me. Show dates are October 6 through 22.

Congratulations to Eric, Jeff, Rusty, Elizabeth, and Glenn! It’s going to be a great show!


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