Cast Announced for THE WIZARD OF OZ at Mason Community Players

MCP_logoAuditions for MCP’s THE WIZARD OF OZ were held at Theatre 42 on Saturday and Sunday, April 22 & 23. There were 74 talented individuals who came to perform before Director Shannon Mahoney, Music Director Lara Gonzalez, Choreographer Ellee Cornett and Stage Manager Carly Jo Baumgartner.

After much deliberation, the audition team is excited to welcome the following into the cast:

Dorothy Gale ————————————– Katie Hill
Toto ————————————— Melody Gonzalez
Uncle Henry/Gatekeeper ————- Michael Easterling
Auntie Em ———————————– Leanne Kniffen
Hunk/Scarecrow ——————————- John Rothan
Hickory/Tinman —————————– Justin Sanford
Zeke/Lion ———————————— Tony Bergman
Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch —————– Jennifer M Lisa
Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz ————— Tom Caruso
Glinda ———————————- Christina Jo Sanford

Mayor of Munchkinland ———————– Anthony Lisa
Coroner ————————————– Amanda Kniffen 
Barrister ———————————— Landon Flaherty
Lollipop Guild ——————————– Carter Sanford, Eric Kniffen, Kyle Rosa
Lullaby League ——————— Emma Ogden, Grace Sanford, Kaitlyn Stierhoff
Munchkin Villagers: Leah Allman, Katie Appell, Laney Boldman, Andrea Caulfield, Lily Droege, Vivian Henry, Kimberly Kurtz, Gabby Larson, Scarlett Marcussen, Jantzen McClure, Merrick McClure, Julie Ogden, Alexandra Root, London Sanford, Sophia Scalfaro

Wrynn Boucher, eah Bracknell, Leslie Caulfield, Katrina Fulmer, Isabella Lisa, Abby MacNeil, Jenna Peffer, Izzy Sanford, Olivia Scalfaro

Angry Trees:
Annemarie Bakos, Karly Danos, Alicia Flaherty, Isabel Henry, Kara Meoak, Maggie Shannon, Allison Shaw, Katie Sparks, Annika Wagner

THE Jitterbug ——————————– Mandy Caruso
Jitterbug Chorus —————————- Leah Allman, London Sanford

Kamryn Appell, Annemarie Bakos, Carly Boldman, Kim Bracknell, David Bruening,
Carol Byers, Mandy Caruso, Leslie Caulfield, Karly Danos, Morgan Doak, Annie Droege, Jonathan Eckman, Alisha Flaherty, Katrina Fulmer, Jay Fultz, Ishana Galgali, Jasen Glaser, Isabel Henry, Ginny Johnson, Amanda Kniffen, Elle Koch, Joel Lind, Isabella Lisa, Abby MacNeil, Cayla McNamara, Alyssa Meoak, Kara Meoak, Jenna Peffer, Alexandra Root, Grace Sanford, Izzy Sanford, Olivia Scalfaro, Maggie Shannon, Allison Shaw, Harry Shepard, Katie Sparks, Kaitlyn Stierhoff, Annika Wagner, Julianna Zacher

General —————————- Joel Lind
Wrynn Boucher, David Bruening, Jonathan Eckman, Jay Fultz, Harry Shepard

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