Auditions Announced for Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

LAC_logoLa Comedia Dinner Theatre in Springboro, Ohio, is holding an open call audition for its production of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST on Saturday, April 1, 2017, at 765 W. Central Ave., Springboro, Ohio.

9:00 a.m. – BOYS (7-15 years old) for the roles of Chip and the young Prince.
Prepare a standard musical theatre song.

10:00 a.m. – PRINCIPALS AND SINGERS Looking for principals and singers who move well.
Prepare a brief song from the show or a standard musical theatre song.


  • Belle — Young and determined, beautiful, curious, and responsible.
    Mezzo soprano (low A to high F).
  • Mrs. Potts – Maternal caretaker, enchanted teapot.
    Mezzo soprano (low F-sharp to high G).
  • Babette – Sexy and spicy bewitched feather duster.
    Soprano (C to high C).
  • Madame de la Grande Bouche – Once an opera diva, now a transformed wardrobe.
    Mezzo soprano (C- sharp to D).
  • Beast — Warm and charming prince buried deep beneath rough and gruff exterior.
    Baritone (A to high F).
  • Gaston – Arrogant, ultra-masculine villain after Belle’s affections.
    Baritone (A to high F).
  • Cogsworth – High strung enchanted mantel clock.
    Baritone (A to high E).
  • Lumiere – Charismatic and smooth-tongued candelabra.
    Baritone (A to high F-sharp).
  • Lefou — Gaston’s athletic yet clumsy flunky.
    Baritone (B to high F-sharp).
  • Maurice – Belle’s eccentric, adoring father.
    Baritone (B- flat to high D- flat).

Be prepared to dance.

Director/Choreographer is Chris Beiser
Rehearsals begin June 10, 2017. Performances June 29 – August 20, 2017.
Question call Joe at 937-746-4537.


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