Cast Announced for INTO THE WOODS at Xavier University Theatre

XUT_logoXavier University Theatre has announced the cast for their upcoming production of INTO THE WOODS. Directed by Lynn Meyers. Music directed by Scot Buzza. Produced by Stephen Skiles.

The cast includes:

  • Justin Lee as Narrator
  • Alex Roberts as Cinderella
  • Aaron Krick as Jack
  • Jenny Roberts as Jack’s Mother
  • Mac Blais as The Baker
  • Rachael Petranek as The Baker’s Wife
  • Cassie Delicath as Cinderella’s Stepmother
  • Cat Sholtis as Florinda
  • Annie Mayer as Lucinda
  • Nora Weisz as Little Red
  • Hannah Sheppard as The Witch
  • Gigi Relic as Cinderella’s Mother
  • Andrew Leonard as Mysterious Man
  • Matthew Wilkinson as Wolf/ Cinderella’s Prince
  • Julia Kempf as Rapunzel
  • Joshua Carandang as Rapunzel’s Prince
  • Michael Rowlett as The Steward
  • Sara Ringenbach & Donald Burns as Milky White
  • Sam Martini as Cinderella’s Father
  • Taylor Maas as Granny
  • Gigi Relic & Kellie Ann Hogan as Female Swings
  • Matthew Wilkinson & Christian Hall as Male Swings

Performances run April 20-22. For more information visit


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