Cast Announced for SHREK The Musical at Cincinnati Music Theatre

CMTCincinnati Music Theatre is very proud to announce the cast of SHREK THE MUSICAL!

Cast includes:

  • Joey Schnell as Shrek
  • Katelyn Reid as Fiona
  • Matt Santeler as Donkey
  • Brett Parr as Lord Parquaad
  • Brad Baldwin as Pinocchio
  • Brooke Chamberlain as Young Fiona/Baby Bear
  • Anna Dudley as Teen Fiona
  • Lori Valentine as Mama Ogre
  • Chuck Ingram as Papa Ogre/Bishop
  • Clayton Abbott as King Harold/Peter Pan/Capt. of the Guard
  • Megan Williams as Queen Lillian/Bluebird,

Ensemble Roles (alphabetical order):

  • Christian Arias as Pig #2/Knight
  • Kevin Bell as Big Bad Wolf
  • Natasha Boeckman as Elf
  • Adrianna Boris as Witch
  • Megan Carlson as Gingy
  • Donna Elkins as Thelonius/Guard
  • Laurel Ellis as Tweedle Dee
  • Karen Galliers as Dragon
  • Cody Hendershot as Pig #3/Knight
  • Lukas Hummeldorf as Guard
  • Liz Koch as Tweedle Dum
  • Jay Louden as Papa Bear
  • Katie McCarthy as Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Benny Mitchell as Young Shrek/Grumpy
  • Erin Russell as Fairy Godmother/Blind Mice
  • Kristin Schisler as Humpty Dumpty/Blind Mice
  • Beth Schnell as Mama Bear
  • McLean Strickland as Pied Piper/Guard 1/Knight
  • Jack Williams as Pig #1/Knight
  • Aubrey Wilson as Ugly Duckling/Blind Mice

Thanks to all who auditioned. We’re looking forward to a great run, May 12-20, at the Aronoff Center for the Arts!


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