Auditions Announced for Season 19 MainStage Projects at Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Season 19 MainStage Projects

KTC_logoAuditions: October 1 at Know Theatre
10am-2pm, by appointment only.

Hi all – the current available slots filled up fast. Please send me a note at if you’d like to read at an alternate time TBA. Please include headshot/resume if possible. Thank you!

Know Theatre of Cincinnati seeks performers for MainStage productions from November 2016 ­ may 2017.

Know seeks to represent diverse perspectives, voices, and individuals on our stages. Actors of all ethnicities and backgrounds are encouraged to submit for all projects!

Projects being cast include:

An Appalachian Ghost Story Musical (World Premiere)
By Lauren Hynek & Elizabeth Martin
With music by Paul Strickland
Performances Nov. 26-Dec. 17
Rehearsals begin Nov. 17, 2016


  • KIM – A modern, city dweller. 20s­-30s Female
  • JOCASTA – Flinty. No­nonsense. 40s-­50s Female
  • ELISHA – Gentle. Soft. 20s­-30s Female
  • SHERIFF EVERETT – A performer. But takes his job seriously. 40s Male
  • SILAS – Old fashioned. Any Male
  • AMANDA – Kim’s sister (doubles with Elisha)

A new drama by Jenny Connell Davis
Performances Jan. 27-Feb. 18
Rehearsals begin January 3, 2017


  • Woman 30s. An old soul.
  • Man Late 30s. A good man, Marlboro­type, smarter than he looks.
  • Dragon Girl Looks about 15, with an old soul.
  • Boy 11 years old. Grows up to be Loser Boy
  • Loser Boy Looks about 19. Resembles Dragon.
  • Dragon Looks mid­-20s, with an old soul. Resembles Loser Boy.

A new dramedy by Steve Yockey
Performances March 10-April 1
Rehearsals begin Feb. 13, 2017


  • Asterius – The Minotaur, 29, square‐jawed and masculine, beautiful, surprisingly optimistic, but lonely and too innocent for a monster; strong, with gigantic pale horns emerging from his forehead, almost surreal
  • Icarus – A man, but more of a boy, early 20s, blithe, fickle, pretty, craving attention, attracted to Asterius and the inherent risk
  • Ariadne – A young woman, Asterius’ sister, early 20s if that, selfish, passionate, raised to expect constant praise, literally unraveling for love
  • Pasiphae – A woman, 40s and gorgeously preserved by status and privilege, Asterius’ mother, the Queen of Crete, graceful but hard edged, not what she seems & at odds with her past
  • Chorus (3) – 3 women: the flirt, the friend, the advisor; but together they are an ephemeral idea of one “woman” with the confidence of fate.

A world premiere drama by Kara Lee Corthron
Performances April 21-May 13
Rehearsals begin March 27


  • ELI -­ late 30s/early 40s, African­American male; fastidious, brooding and so intelligent he has to hide it. This actor will also play the following roles: HYRUM ­ a white man, JOSEPH’s brother BONNET 2 – a white woman and one of JOSEPH’s wives
  • LULA ­- 17 year­old young white woman. Precocious, rough around the edges, under educated and strong­willed; speaks without thinking.
    This actor will also play the following roles:

    • MAN – a well­off white man and slaveholder
    • CLERK – a white man working in a general store
    • CRONY – another white man
    • EMMA – a white woman and Joseph’s first wife, severe and at the end of her patience
  • JOSEPH -­ late 30s, white male. VERY charismatic and rather handsome. A rock star of his time.
    This actor will also play the following roles:

    • MAN 2 ­ a black slave
    • BONNET 1 ­ a white woman and one of JOSEPH’s wives
    • PA – LULA’s father

Audition Requirements

  • All applicants interested in GNARLY STUMP should be prepared to sing acapella one song that is *not* from a musical; preferably a traditional or folk song.
  • All applicants should come prepared with a 60 second contemporary monologue.
  • Audition slots will be 10-­15 minutes, and may include the reading of a side or two from the scripts listed above, in addition to your prepared material.

Know Theatre acting positions are competitively paid positions for both AEA and non­union roles. Know Theatre productions rehearse six days per week, an average of 30 hours per week. Rehearsal schedules vary from production to production.

Contact Know’s Associate Artistic Director Tamara Winters at with the subject line “October 1 Auditions” for questions about auditions or time slots.

TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT, please click through the following link and select an appointment time:

About Know Theatre
Know Theatre is Cincinnati’s Theatrical Playground. Now in its 19th Season, the Know showcases unexpected voices, new works, and plays that embrace the inherent theatricality of the live experience. Know Theatre seeks to be a place where artists and audiences feel welcome to take artistic risks, creating work that is cutting edge and accessible


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